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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer:Authority records are a new feature of DiVA, which has been created with the purpose of simplifying the registration process for you as a researcher. The purpose is to

  • get a secure identification of the authors,
  • easily retrieve name and organization information and
  • link authors to a publication or project.
Read more about authority records on our web page Authority Records i DiVA.

Svar: A small amount of research data can be stored in DiVA via the Dataset publication type. Each file may be up to 16GB and you can upload multiple files, even in compressed formats. Each dataset receives a unique identifier and a persistent link. From the dataset it is possible to link to the publication and on the contrary to indicate which publication data sets belong to. For more information see our web site Five advice for strategic management of research data or contact us.

Answer: According to a vice-chansellor's decision research related publications produced by employees and students at LiU, should be registered in DiVA as long as copyright is not infringed.

The different publication types available in DiVA and instructions how to register in DiVA are available on our web site Instructions How to Register in DiVA.

Answer: No, but there are a number of mandatory fields which always have to be filled in. These are marked with an asterisk (*). Depending of publication type there are an additional number of fields that must be filled in to bring about a high quality record. Instructions how to register in DiVA are available on our web page How to Register in DiVA.

If you are not sure what to fill in, please contact us


Answer: In the field/text box Local User Id. Note that LiU-ID must be filled in for all co-authors employed at LiU.

Answer: Instructions how affiliation should be filled in are available on our web page Instructions How to Register in DiVA under each publication type.

If you have any questions about how affiliation, do not hesitate to ask.

Answer: If you have an article you would like to parallel publish, send the file with the article to us and we will check if the article can be parallel published. Read more on our page Parallel Publishing.

Answer: All student theses, about to be published electronically, are placed in a list for control by a student administrator at the department. If it takes a long time before your thesis is published, contact the administrator at the department.

Answer: Send us the pdf file with your work an we will help you publish it ep@ep.liu.se.

Answer: Yes, there is a specific field in DiVA, ORCID-id, where ORCID can be copied to.

Answer: No, send your ORCID and LiU-ID to till ep@ep.liu.se, and we will, automatically and simple, update all your posts with the help of your LiU-ID. Note that we store your ORCID in our staff database. When importing posts from Web of Science, SCOPUS, PubMed and others, we can add both your LiU-ID and ORCID in the posts.

Answer: It is due to the authority assigned to the records. When searching in the internal search interface in DiVA only records you have authority to will be visible but in the external interface all records are visible.

Answer: When a post is Bibliographically approved the post is locked and only staff with specific permission have access to the post. If you have more information or would like to add information to a post, send the information to ep@ep.liu.se and we will update the post for you.

Answer: A: If you have moved to a new division or clinic old records must under no circumstances be changed. State the new division/clinic if the publication is written after you have moved. The records must not be altered if the name of the division or clinic is changed. The new name should be stated after changing the name. If the records are changed it will generate errors in bibliometric analyses.

Answer: Yes, it is a minor number of grammatical errors or a figure or table is not correct you can change the original article. A note in the note field is added stating that the electronic version is different from the printed. You can also create an errata list and send it to us (ep@ep.liu.se) with the corrections. We will then publish the errata list as a separate file.

Answer: Yes, it is possible. Send us the corrections to ep@ep.liu.se and we will made the corrections for you.

Answer: If one, after a while, adds a full text to a previously published record in one of the valid formats, the record is not published again but is placed in a list for checking that copyright is not violated. The record will be published as soon as the record is checked.

Answer: Questiones regarding plagiarism and self-plagiarism please see the University Library web page about plagiarism and self-plagiarism.

Answer: Yes, we can check the publication via our service Similarity Check send the publication in Word or pdf format to Peter Berkesand or David Lawrence. For more information see our web page about plagiarism check.

Answer: If you search on the complete publication title or part of the title, DiVA searches all publications titles that contains of one or more of the words that are included in the title you are searching for. Use Advance search or, even better, search using your LiU-ID. In the latter case only your publications will be shown.

Answer: The question mark is a reserved character, a Wild Card, i.e. substitute for other characters. Exclude the question mark in the title and the publication will be found. Also hyphen, slash, et-character (&) etc. might cause problems and should be avoided.

Answer: If one registers the family name but only initials for the fore name and then search for the complete name, the records will not be shown if the fore name contains initials. Change the records by filling in your complete fore name. Use your LiU-ID when searching for publications.

Answer: If you don't find the student thesis in DiVA it is not electronically published. You will not find the thesis in the Library Catalogue because all theses have been removed and the theses will only be searchable in DiVA if published.

Answer: Yes, you can:

  • Search the publications in DiVA
  • Change the number of Rows per page so all publications is visible on the same page
  • Mark the rows you would like to include in the list or choose all on this page
  • Click on Cite
  • Choose the format you want to use for example Vancouver and Output format for example text
  • Click on Create. The references is shown i the box below
  • Click on Export and save the file or open it in optionally format

It is also possible to create a personal reference list via our service Create Publications Lists from DiVA and search via your LiU-ID. The page also contains information how to export data from DiVA.

Answer: Yes, provided the journal accepts prior electronic publication. LiU E-Press has no objections. However, the possibilities vary between research fields and journals. LiU E-Press recommend you to first check with the journal.

Answer: LiU E-Press and DiVA makes a commitment to keep papers on-line on the Internet permanently from the date of publication and will always be available online.

Responsible for this page: Peter Berkesand
Last updated: 2019-05-04