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Drag and drop article registration

To create the XML required to import a publication into DiVA, drag and drop the pdf of the article into the following box. You will be then asked to confirm the affilition for LiU authors. Enter your email address and then will receive an email with the XML that you can upload to DiVA to register the publication. Note that a DOI is required for this to work.

In some cases the order of authors will need to be modified. From some sources, the authors are listed by affiliation instead of how they appear on the publication.

While we have tested this on many pdfs, different variants of specifying affiliations and DOI crop up. If you discover a case that doesn't work, please email the DOI and any other feedback via email: ep@ep.liu.se.

Responsible for this page: Peter Berkesand
Last updated: 2013-12-13