Centrala Soldatregistret

An example of soldier contract.
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The Soldier’s register is a national database freely available for all with an Internet connection (Open Access). All registering is done on a none-profit base by associations or private persons around Sweden. This registering is combined to the national register to make it possible to search everything at once.

The database comprises The Younger Allotment System with soldiers enlisted between 1682 and 1901. The database is not complete and new soldiers are registered continuously and new information is added about already register soldiers. Duplicates may occur in the database but these will be removed with time as the data are continuously processed by the local registers. At the local register there might be more information about the soldier and the croft. Contact the local register for more information. The contact information is available in the national database in the full record of the soldier. The selection of fields in the database is limited by copyright issues. The local register owns the copyright of their posts and the information is protected by Swedish copyright law (upphovsrättslagen).

The main purpose with the registering is to register soldiers up to the rank of corporal. Genealogists and local researchers contribute generously with information about a soldier and his family. Information about the person who supplies us with information is stored in the register. We are very grateful if you have any information about the soldiers, their families or the crofts to contribute.

Centrala Soldatregistret is supported economically by Stiftelsen Grevillis Fond and is run by the non-profit organization Föreningen Centrala Soldatregistret, e-mail soldat@soldatreg.se

Below is a list of all regiments which is completely or partly registered. If you do not find the soldier you are searching for, he might be found in the register after the next update of the database which is done twice a year.

In the database, the following regiments are registered:

  • Andra Livgrenadjärregementet
  • Bohusläns båtsmanskompanier
  • Bohusläns regemente
  • Dalregementet
  • Första Livgrenadjärregementet
  • Gotlands båtsmän
  • Hallands båtsmän
  • Hälsinge regemente
  • Jönköpings regemente
  • Kronobergs regemente
  • Livregementets Dragoner
  • Livregementets Grenadjärer
  • Livregementets Husarer
  • Norrbottens regemente
  • Norra Roslagens båtsmanskompani
  • Närke-Värmlands regemente
  • Närke regemente
  • Roslagens båtsmanskompani
  • Skaraborgs regemente
  • Skåne, all units
  • Smålands båtsmanskompani
  • Smålands Grenadjärer
  • Smålands Husarregemente
  • Södra Möre båtsmanskompani
  • Södermanlands regemente
  • Tjust båtsmanskompani
  • Upplands femmänningsregemente
  • Upplands regemente
  • Upplands tremänningsregemente
  • Västergötlands båtsmanskompani
  • Västgöta regemente
  • Västgöta tremänningsregemente
  • Västgöta Dals regemente
  • Västerbottens regemente
  • Värmlands Fältjägare
  • Värmlands regemente
  • Västmanlands regemente
  • Älvsborgs regemente
  • Östgöta regemente