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Conference Support System

If you are involved in the conference, Linköping University Electronic Press can, free of charge, provide a workflow tool for managing the conference, managing submitted manuscripts and reviewing. Using the support system Open Conference Systems (OCS) allows you to easily:

  • create the conference website
  • electronically submit manuscripts via the conference website
  • manage the review process
  • allows the author to edit his submitted contribution
  • publish research data on which the article is based
  • get support for most different formats of articles and abstracts
  • archive of the conference
  • integrate post-conference discussions

We help customize the system according to your wishes. For more information contact us.

Publish the Conference Online

If the conference is affiliated with LiU eg A LiU employee is an editor, included in the editorial board or organizing committee, you can also publish the conference proceeeding at the LiU E-Press conference series Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings, also free of charge. A simple and easy way to spread conference results. For more information, pleasecontact us.

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Last updated: 2019-05-07