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Editors:J. Bradley, A. Cavaleiro, Th. Czerwiec, P. Eklund, U. Helmersson, G.J. van der Kolk, W. Möller, L. Nielsen, C. Oehr, R. Tietema, J. Vlcek
Conference:13th International Conference on Plasma Surface Engineering September 10 - 14, 2012, in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
Publication type: Conference proceedings
Introduction:The biennial PSE conference series is organized by the European Joint Committee on Plasma and Ion Surface Engineering.

With a continuously growing interest in the preceding PSE events, with more than 700 participants from all over the world, PSE is a well-established and leading forum in the field of plasma as well as ion- and particle-beam assisted surface modification and thin film technologies.

PSE provides an opportunity to present recent progress in research and development and industrial applications. Its topics span a wide range from fundamentals such as e.g. process modeling and simulation of plasmas or thin film physics, through empirical studies which e.g. establish the relationships between process parameters and the structural and functional properties of modified surfaces and/or thin films, towards the application in industrial production.

With numerous industrial exhibitors and an exceptionally large fraction of participants from industry, a special feature of PSE is the intimate and vivid interaction between those being involved in basic research and those who have to meet the rapidly increasing demands in industrial production.

Conference Chairman of the PSE 2012

Ulf Helmersson

To the Reader

At the conference, the following published articles are non-refereed extended abstracts from a subset of the presentations. The role of the editors was to make an initial selections of submitted short abstracts only and do not take any responsibility for the correctness and/or scientific quality of the content of the published extended abstracts.


Session 2 - Films and Surfaces for Energy Conversion and Storage

Stephen Sheehan, Mahfujir Rahman, Denis Downling
Influence of Atmospheric Plasma Jet Pre-Treatments of TiO2 Electrodes on Dye Adhesion and DSSC Cell performance
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 3 - Plasma and Ion Etching / Surface Cleaning

Xavier Glad, Thomas Bieber, Ludovic de Poucques, Robert Hugon, Mohammed Belmahi, Jean-Luc Vasseur, Jamal Bougdira
Study of the chemical etching of carbon surfaces facing argon/hydrogen plasmas in a helicon type reactor
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 4 - Physical Vapour Deposition I

Evgeny Levashov, Yuri Pogozhev, Dmitry Shtansky, Alexander Kudryashov, Philipp Kiryukhantsev-Korneev
Development and Application of New Multicomponent Electrode Materials for Deposition Technologies
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Bert Scheffel, Christoph Metzner, Thomas Modes
Spotless arc activated high-rate deposition using novel dual crucible technology for titanium dioxide coatings
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 5 - Fundamentals of Surface Interaction and Thin Film Growth

Gikan Takaoka, H. Ryuto, M. Takeuchi
Surface Interaction and Processing Using Polyatomic Cluster Ions
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Dimitrios Tsalikis, Chunggi Baig, Vlasis Mavrantzas, Eleftherios Amanatides, Dimitrios Mataras
Hierarchical simulation of microcrystalline PECVD silicon film growth and structure
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 6 - Plasma Treatment of Polymers and Other Soft Matter

Joëlle Levalois-Grützmacher, Marie-Jérôme Tsafack, Kanchit Kamlangkla, Katrin Prinz
Multifunctional coatings on fabrics by application of a low-pressure plasma process
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Kosmas Ellinas, Katerina Tsougeni, Angeliki Tserepi, Evangelos Gogolides
Hierarchical, Plasma Nanotextured, Superamphiphobic Polymeric Surfaces
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 7 - Physical Vapour Deposition II

Stephanos Konstantinidis
On the deposition rate during High-Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering.
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Axel Hemberg, Stephanos Konstantinidis, Jean-pierre Dauchot, Ryne Snyder
ION Flux–Film Structure Realtionship During Reactive Magnetron Sputtering of Tungsten
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 8 - Nanostructures and Nanoparticles

Mireille Gaillard, Èliane Amin-Chalhoub, Nadjib Semmar, Agnés Petit, Anne-Lise Thomann, Chantal Boulmer-Leborgne
Thermal and electrical characterization of thin carbon nanotubes films
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Mónica Morales Corredor, S. Cucatti, J.J S. Acuuna, O. Antonin, M.C. Hugon, N. Marsot, B. Bouchet-Fabre, T. Minea, F. Alvarez
Influence of the nano-structure and composition of titanium nitride based substrate on the carbon nanotubes grown by CVD
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Ana Borras, Manuel Macias-Montero, Angel Barranco, Jose Cotrino, Juan Espinos, Augustin R. González-Elipe
Fabrication of heterostructured M@M´Ox Nanorods by low temperature PECVD
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 9 - Plasma CVD and Plasma Polymerization

Adam Babik, Vladimir Cech, Antonin Knob, Erik Palesch
Plasma polymers used for controlled interphase in polymer composites
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Damien Thiry, Nikolay Britun, Stephanos Konstantinidis, Jean-Pierre Dauchot, Maxime Guillaume, Jérôme Cornil, Rony Rony Snyders
Study of the transition between capacitive and inductive modes on propanethiol plasma polymer properties: correlation between plasma and film chemistry
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Erik Palesch, Sona Kontarova, Vladimir Cech
Mechanical properties of plasma polymer films controlled by RF power
[Abstract and Fulltext]

D. Gloess, P. Frach, M. Maicu, E. Holst, R. Schmittgens, G. Gerlach, C.H. Lu, T. Roch, M. Bieda, A. Lasagni, M. Beckmann
Plasma deposition of hydrophobic coatings on structured surfaces for condensation and heat transfer applications
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 10 - Tribological Coatings

Jiri Nohava, Pascal Dessarzin, Pavla Karvankova, Marcus Morstein
Tribological Characterization and Wear Mechanisms of Novel Oxynitride PVD Coatings Designed for Applications at High Temperatures
[Abstract and Fulltext]

V.M. Beresnev, A.A. Andreev, O.V. Sobol, D.A. Kolesnikov, F.F. Komarov, S.S. Mel’nik, M.V. Kaverin, A.P. Shypylenko, Alexander Pogrebnjak
General Regularities and Differences of Nanostructured Coatings Based on Nitrides of Zr, Ti, Hf, V, Nb Metals and Their Combinations
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Dominik Paulkowski, Klaus Vissing, Ralph Wilken
Composition of plasmapolymeric coatings using O2/HMDSO gas mixtures and application on elastomers for tribological improvement
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 12 - HiPIMS I

Peter Frach, Christian Gottfried, Fred Fietzke, Heidrun Klostermann, Hagen Bartzsch, Daniel Gloess
High Power Density Pulse Magnetron Sputtering - Process and Film Properties
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 13 - Conductive and Catalytic Oxides

Iping Suhariadi, Naho Itagaki, Koichi Oshikawa, K. Matsushima, Daisuke Yamashita, Hyunwoong Seo, Kunihiro Kamataki, Giichiro Uchida, Kazunori Kamataki, Masaharu Shiratani
Crystallinity control of sputtered ZnO films by utilizing buffer layers fabricated via nitrogen mediated crystallization: Effects of nitrogen flow rate
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Eda Goldenberg, L. Burstein, Ines Chayun-Zucker, Rudi Avni, Raymond L. Boxman
The Effect of Nitrogen Partial Pressure and Substrate Temperature on the Characteristics of Photocatalytic N:TiO2 Thin Films deposited by Filtered Vacuum Arc Deposition
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 14 - Plasma Diffusion Treatment

Silvia Azevedo dos Santos Cucatti, E.A. Ochoa, M. Morales, R. Droppa Jr, J. Garcia, H.C. Pinto, L.F. Zagonel, D. Wisnivesky, F. Alvarez
Effect of Xe+ ion bombardment induced patterns in stainless steel on plasma nitriding processes
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Kristian Börner, Igor Burlacov, Heinz-Joachim Spies, Horst Biermann, Spetham Hamann, Jürgen Röpcke
Investigations on the active screen plasma nitriding process
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Masaharu Shiratani, G. Uchida, K. Katamaki, H. Seo, N. Itagaki, K. Koga
Control of nanoparticle formation in reactive plasmas and its application to fabrication of green energy devices
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 15- HiPIMS II

Nikolay Britun, Maria Palmucci, Stephanos Konstantinidis, Rony Snyders
Towards deeper understanding of a HiPIMS discharge by time-resolved optical plasma diagnostics
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Daniel A.L. Loch, Arutiun P. Ehiasarian
Study of the ionisation in a nickel plasma by Inductively Coupled Impulse Sputtering (ICIS)
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 16 - Particles in Plasma

Christian Roth, Gina Oberbossel, Philip Rudolf von Rohr
Nanoparticle Synthesis in a Plasma Downstream Reactor – From Plasma Parameters to Nanoparticle Properties
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Alfred P. Weber, Wolfgang Maus-Friedrichs, Sebastian Dahle, Lienhard Wegewitz, Fei Qi
Silicon dioxide coating of titanium dioxide nano particles from dielectric barrier discharge in a gaseous mixture of silan and nitrogen
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Iris Pilch, Nils Brenning, Ulf Helmersson, Daniel Söderström
High Power Pulsed Hollow Cathode for Nanoparticle Synthesis
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 17 - Bioactive Films and Surfaces I

James Nicholas Barry, Alun J. Carr, Denis P. Dowling
Performance of atmospheric plasma sprayed HA coatings under dry and wet fatigue conditions
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Uta Schnabel, Manfred Stieber, Jörg Ehlbeck
Comparison of microbiological effects in long fine-lumen tubes by low and atmospheric pressure plasmas
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 18 - Carbon-Based Thin Films

Jussi Oksanen, Timo Hakala, Sanna Tervakangas, Jukka Kolehmainen, Jari Koskinen
Tribological properties of laser textured and DLC coated surfaces with solid lubricants
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Tomas Vitu, Bernando Joao Vitor Pimentel, A. Escudeiro, Albano Cavaleiro, Tomas Polcar
Zr-DLC coatings - analysis of the friction and wear mechanisms
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Kazunori Koga, Tatsuya Urakawa, Giichiro Uchida, Kunihiro Kamataki, Yenwoon Seo, Nahi Itagaki, Masaharu Shiratani, Yuuichi Setsuhara, Makoto Sekine, Masaru Hori
Control of Deposition Profile and Properties of Plasma CVD Carbon Films
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Savcho Tinchev
Plasma surface modification of diamond-like carbon films to graphene
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 19 - Corrosion Resistant and Barrier Coatings

Jerzy Smolik, Adam Mazurkiewicz, Jaroslaw Mizera
Composite layers “MgAl intermetalic layer / PVD coating” obtained by hybrid surface treatment method on the AZ91D magnesium alloy
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 20 - Bioactive Films and Surfaces II

Francesca Intranuovo1, Roberto Gristina2, Marco Domingos3, Guiseppe Camporeale, Eloisa Sardella, Paulo Bartolo, Pietro Favia
Plasma processing of scaffolds: perspectives for Tissue Engineering
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Liubov Kravets, Gheorghe Dinescu, Sergey Dmitriev
Formation of pH-responsive polymer composite membranes by plasma-induced graft polymerization method
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 22 - Plasma Diagnostics and Process Control

Jens Harhausen, Ralf-Peter Brinkmann, Rüdiger Foest, Sergey Gorchakov, A. Ohl, Benjamin Schröder
Interpretation of optical emission in a strongly inhomogeneous PIAD environment
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 25 - Plasma Processing in Liquids

Jung-Hyun Kong, Tomonori Takeda, Masahiro Okumiya, Yoshiki Tsunekawa, Masashi Yoshida, Sang Gweon Kim
The Study about Surface Modification of Steel by Water Plasma
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Alexander Grigorievitch Rakoch, Gérard Henrion, Vasilij Leonifovich Kovalyov, Alexandre Nominé, Ilya Vyacheslavovich Bardin
Study of the growth kinetics, microhardness and morphology of PEO coatings formed on Al 2024 alloy in alkaline-silicate electrolytes using different current waveforms
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 26 - Mechanical Film Properties

Remigiusz Michalczewski, Witold Piekoszewski, Waldemar Tuszynski, Marian Szczerek
Scuffing propagation of heavily-loaded, lubricated, coated friction joints
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Uwe Beck, Stefan Hielscher, Matthias Weise, Renate Mix, Dietmar Lerche, Uwe Reitz
Progress in Quantitative Adhesion Testing of Films and Coatings by means of Centrifuge Technology – Present State of the Art
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Konstantinos-Dionysios Bouzakis, Stefanos Gerardis, Georgios Skordaris, Emmanouil Bouzakis
Nano-Impact Tests on Micro-Blasted Coatings for Assessing Their Brittleness
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Poster: Optical Coatings

S. Schneider, R. Domnick, M. Belzner, U. Beck, A. Hertwig, R. Stephanowitz, M. Weise, D. Hönig
Optical Layer Systems for Product Authentication:Interference, Scattering, Light Diffusion and Ellipsometric Encoding as Public, Hidden and Forensic Security Features
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Ulrike Schulz, Peter Munzert, Christiane Präfke, Friedrich Rickelt, Norbert Kaiser
Wide-angle broadband AR coating by combining interference layers with a plasma-etched gradient layer
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Shinji Kawai
Sensitization of Er3+ Emission in Er- and Yb-doped Si Thin Films by Laser Ablation
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Poster: Films and surfaces for energy conversion and storage

Fondard Jérémie, Briois Pascal, Billard Alain, Bertrand Ghislaine
Synthesis and characterization of La2NiO4-d coatings deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering using plasma emission monitoring
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Poster: Plasma and ion etching / surface cleaning

Norbert Kwietniewski, Andy Zhang, Jang-Kwon Lim, Mietek Bakowski, Mariusz Sochacki, Jan Szmidt
Silicon carbide surface micromachining using plasma ion etching of sacrificial layer
[Abstract and Fulltext]

H. Fujiyama, K. Miyazaki, N. Matsuo, Y. Kobayashi, M. Shinohara, S. Nishiyama
Rapid Stripping of Brass-plating on Fine Saw Wire by Triangle-type Multiple Magnetron Plasmas
[Abstract and Fulltext]

G. F. Leu, C. Goury, P. Modrzynski, M. Klindworth, C. Ellert
Scaling laws governing the NF3 cleaning plasma in a large area reactor
[Abstract and Fulltext]

N. Skoro, E. Gogolides
Cleaning of Organic Contamination from EUV Optics Surfaces Using Hydrogen-based Plasmas
[Abstract and Fulltext]

V.N. Arustamov, Kh.B. Ahsurov, Kh.Kh. Kadirov, I.Kh. Khudaykulov
Influences of surface-active substances on specific power inputs and on surface roughnesses of the metal product under plasma vacuum arc treatment
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Piotr Firek, Bartlomiej Stonio, Rafal Chodun, Jan Szmidt, Krzysztof Zdunek
Plasma etching of aluminum nitride thin films prepared by magnetron sputtering method
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Poster: Physical vapour deposition

Krzysztof Zdunek, Katarzyna Nowakowska-Langier, Rafal Chodun, Jerzy Dora
On the Injected Gas/Electric Power Relation for Deposition Efficiency Control During the Gims Deposition
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Zhimin Wang, Jinxiao Wang, Yi Wang, Kai Zhao, Xiaomei Su, Hu Wang, Yudong Feng
Influence of the Ion Beam Current on Microstructures and Optical Properties of Al2O3 Thin Films by Oxygen Ion Beam Assisted Pulse Reactive Magnetron Sputtering
[Abstract and Fulltext]

V.N. Arustamov, Kh.B. Ashurov, Kh.Kh. Kadirov, I.Kh. Khudaykulov
Formation of plasma technological influence of vacuum arc on the internal surfaces of metal pipes and putting of the protecting coatings
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Valery Mitin, Yury Mankelevich, Alexander Pal, Tatyana Rakhimova, Alexey Ryabinkin, Alexander Serov, Alexey Mitin, Nikolay Krasnobaev
Features of DC magnetron sputtering of mosaic copper-graphite targets
[Abstract and Fulltext]

I. I. Beilis, Y. Koulik, R. L. Boxman
Sn Thin Film Deposition using a Hot Refractory Anode Vacuum Arc
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Poster: Plasma treatment of polymers and other soft matter

Yoshinari Hirukawa, Shigeru Ono, Suzuki Syuichi
Hydrophilization treatment of polyimide using Ar-O2 mixture gas surface wave plasma – Oxygen radical density and plasma parameter dependence
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Zohreh Khosravi, Alena Hinze, Claus-Peter Klages
In-situ FTIR-ATR spectroscopic investigations of atmospheric-pressure plasma modification of polyolefin thin films
[Abstract and Fulltext]

A. Babik, L. Hoferek, D. Janova, V. Cech
Functional coatings for polymer composites
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Günter Grabher, Mokbul Hossain, Rubel Alam, Gaffar Hossain
Applications of Low Pressure Plasma in High-tech Textiles
[Abstract and Fulltext]

José Manuel García, Jordi Mota, Laia Crespo, Meritxell Martínez, Laurent Aubouy, Llorenç Bautista
Poly(acrylic) nanocoatings deposited by AP-PECVD processes on paper substrates for packaging applications
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Cátia A. Carreira, Ricardo Silva, Vera V. Pinto, Maria José Ferreira, Fernando Sousa, Fernando Silva, Carlos M. Pereira
Atmospheric Plasma surface treatment of Styrene-Butadiene Rubber
[Abstract and Fulltext]

P. Munzert, C. Praefke, U. Schulz, N. Kaiser
Formation of plasma-generated nanostructures on polymer surfaces for various polymer types
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Poster: Nanostructures and nanoparticles

Dimitrios Kontziampasis, Athanasios Smyrnakis, Vassilios Constantoudis, Evangelos Gogolides
Plasma Directed Assembly: Process Issues, Materials and Applications
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Poster: Plasma CVD and plasma polymerization

M. Yablokov, A. Gilman, N. Surin, M. Augustyniak-Jablokow, K. Tadyszak, A. Kuznetsov
DC Discharge Plasma Polymerization of 1-Naphthylamine
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Morteza Habibi, Reza Amrollahi, MHS Alavi
Polymerization of Acrylic Acid by a 4kJ plasma focus device
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Poster: Tribological coatings

Chahinez Saied, Abdelouahad Chala
Characterization of Nanostructured TiN and ZrN thin films elaborated by reactive magnetron sputtering
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Hu Hanjun, Zhou Hui, Zheng Yugang, Sang Ruipeng, Zhang Kaifeng, Wan Zhihua
The Improved Friction Properties of Bonded MoS2 Films by MAO Treating of Al Substrates
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Albano Cavaleiro, Joao Vitor Pimentel, Manuel Evaristo, Tomas Polcar
Self-lubricating W-S-C-Cr tribological coatings deposited by r.f. magnetron sputtering
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Y.Y. Özbek, M. Durman
Wear Properties of AISI 4140 Steels Modificated By Using Pulse Plasma Technique
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Poster: Atmospheric plasma processing, plasma spraying

Antje Quade, Katja Fricke, Klaus-Dieter Weltmann
Atmospheric pressure plasma treatments inside meander-like cavities
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Ekrem Altuncu, Fatih Uste
Optimization of APS Process Parameters Using a Designof Experiment for CSZ ( CeO2 Stabilized Zirconia) Coatings
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Yildiz Yarali Özbek, Ekrem Altuncu, Fatih Üstel
Microstructure and Mechanical Behaviour Relationship of Plasma Sprayed Mullit+YSZ Coatings
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Pranas Valatkevicius, Valincius Vitas, Viktorija Grigaitiene, Liutauras Marcinauskas
The effectiveness of prevailing plasma spray conditions in the synthesis of protective coatings
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Mustafa Sabri Gok, Abdullah Cahit Karaoglanli, Azmi Erdogan, Ahmet Türk
A Comparative Study of Wear Effect on the Microstructures Behavior of CoNiCrAlY Coatings fabricated by APS, HVOF and CGDS Coatings
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Poster: Conductive and catalytic oxides

Saad Rahmane, Mohamed Abdou Djouadi, Mohamed Salah Aida, Nicolas Barreau
Oxygen effect in Magnetron Sputtered Aluminum doped Zinc oxide films.
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Falk Bernsmann, Udo Grabowy
Photocatalytic, hydrophilic titanium dioxide prepared by direct current magnetron sputtering
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Eva Maria Moser, Sidney Chappuis, Javier Olleros
Photocatalytically Active Titania Produced by MOCVD Plasma Process
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Poster: Plasma diffusion treatment

R. Ichiki, H. Nagamatsu, Y. Yasumatsu, M. Yoshida, S. Akamine, S. Kanazawa
Plasma Nitriding Performed under Atmospheric Pressure using Pulsed-Arc Plasma Jet
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Subroto Mukherjee, Alphonsa Joseph, Ghanshyam Jhala, Satyapal M., A. S. Khanna, Pratipal Rayjada, Narendra Chauhan, Raja V. S.
Effect of Plasma Nitriding and Nitrocarburising Process on the Corrosion Resistance of Grade 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Halim Kovaci, Hojjat Ghahramanzadeh ASL, Çigdem Albayrak, Akgün Alsaran
Wear Properties of Plasma Nitrided Inconel 718 Superalloy
[Abstract and Fulltext]

R. Droppa Jr, H. Pinto, J. Garcia, E. Ochoa, M. Morales, S. Cucatti, F. Alvarez
Effects of ion-beam bombardment and nitridation on physical/mechanical properties of 100Cr6 TiN coated steels
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Tadeusz Fraczek, Jerzy Michalski, Michal Olejnik, Jaroslaw Jasinski
Mechanism of Ti99.2 titanium unconventional ion nitriding
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Sonia Brühl, Raúl Charadia, Eugenia Dalibón, Vladimir Trava Airoldi, Amado Cabo
Evaluation of the Mechanical Behaviour of a DLC Film on Plasma Nitrided AISI 420 with Different Surface Finishing
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Abdelouahad Chala, Chahinez Saied, Hanane Ghelloudj
Nanocomposite Nitrid Thin films for hard coatings : Applications in wear and corrosion resistance
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Joanna Kacprzynska, Jerzy Smolik, Adam Mazurkiewicz
Wear behaviour of PN+CrN, PN+CrAlN and PN+TiCrAlN layer composite during ball-on-disk tests in higher temperature
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Poster: HIPIMS

Axel Ferrec, Frédéric Schuster, Pierre-Yves Jouan, Mohamed Abdou Djouadi
Chromium and Chromium nitride thin films deposited by HiPIMS using short pulses
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Poster: Particles in plasmas

Lubomir Lapcik, Ivo Krasny, Ivana Kupska, Barbora Barbora Lapcikova
Effect of low temperature air plasma treatment on physico-chemical properties of kaolinite
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Poster: Bioactive films and surfaces

R. P. Mota, I. A. Perrenoud, R. Y. Honda, M. A. Algatti, M. E. Kayama, K. G. Kostov, T. Sadahito China, N. C. Cruz
Biocompatible thin films obtained from Heparim-methane plasma process
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Poster: Bioactive films and surfaces

F. Hempel, J. Schäfer, H. Rebl, J.B. Nebe, K.-D. Weltmann, B. Finke
Analysis of the aging of cell-adhesive plasma-polymer coatings on titanium surfaces
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Miroslav Jelinek, Alexandra Voss, Tomáš Kocourek, Mahsa Mozafari, Veronika Vymetalová, Marketa Zezulová, Petr Písarík, Cyril Popov, Jan Mikšovský
Comparison of surface properties of DLC and ultrananocrystalline diamond films with respect to their bio-applications
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Jörg Ehlbeck, Uta Schnabel, Manfred Stieber, Jörn Winter, Martin Polak, Udo Krohmann, Klaus-Dieter Weltmann
New methods for reprocessing of medical devices based on plasma treatment
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Victor N. Vasilets, Valentina A. Surguchenko, Viktor I. Sevastianov
Fabrication and plasma modification of polymer scaffolds for regenerative and replacement medicine
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Anna Zykova, Vladimir Safonov, Jerzy Smolik, Renata Rogowska, Vladimir Lukyanchenko, Oleg Vyrva, Stas Yakovin
The Corrosion Properties of Zirconium and Titatium Loadbearing Implant Materials with Protective Oxide Coatings
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Poster: Carbon-based thin films

Burkhard Zimmermann, Fred Fietzke, Heidrun Klostermann, Frans Munnik, Wolfhard Möller, Jan Lehmann
High rate PECVD of a-C:H coatings in a hollow cathode arc plasma
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Jirí Sperka, Lenka Zajícková, Ondrej Jasek, Annapurna Pamreddy, Josef Havel, Jan Schäfer, Rüdiger Foest
Growth of Carbon Materials on Gold Substrate by Plasma Enhanced CVD
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Petr Písarík, Miroslav Jelínek, Tomáš Kocourek, Jan Mikšovký, Karel Jurek
Cr-DLC films deposited by dual pulsed laser ablation
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Ying Ren, Ingo Erdmann, Victoria Khlopyanova, Friederike Deuerler, Volker Buck
Comparison of the wear particle size distribution of different a-C coatings deposited by vacuum arc
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Poster: Corrosion-resistant and barrier coatings

M. A. Guitar, F. Mücklich
Oxidation behaviour of RuAl thin films: influence of diffusion barrier
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Fatih Üstel, Ahmet Türk, Graip Erdogan
Production and Characterization of Self-Healing Properties of B4C+SIC Added TBC
[Abstract and Fulltext]

H. Dikici, A. C. Karaoglanli, T. Grund, T. Lampke, Y. Kucuk
Effects of Production Method and Heat Treatment on the AdhesionStrength and Microstructural Behavior of MCrAlY Coatings
[Abstract and Fulltext]

A. C. Karaoglanli, A. Turk, Ð. Ozdemir, F. Ustel
Oxidation Behavior of Thermal Barrier Coatings With Cold Gas Dynamic Sprayed CoNiCrAlY Bond Coats
[Abstract and Fulltext]

G. Abadias, I. A. Saladukhin, V.V. Uglov, S. V. Zlotski
Thermal stability of TiZrAlN films deposited by a reactive magnetron sputtering method
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Yasar Kahraman, Imdat Taymaz
Lifetime Assessment and Shock Behavior of TBC in Gas Turbine Blades: Experimental and Numerical Investigations
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Marcin Grobelny, Malgorzata Kalisz, Robert Mroczynski, Magdalena Szymanska
Novel Nanometer Thin Films On Magnesium Alloy Prepared By Ultra-Shallow Nitrogen Implantation Using PECVD Method
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Malgorzata Kalisz, Marcin Grobelny, Barbara Dytkowicz
Effect of nitrogen incorporated into oxide layer, formed on the magnesium alloys by using r.f. PECVD process, on their corrosion resistance.
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Alexander Pal, Evgeny Ekimov, Alexander Ivanov, Nikolay Borovikov, Andrey Rusinkevich, Alexey Ryabinkin, Alexander Serov, Andrey Starostin, Vladimir Fortov, Elena Gromnitskaya
Application of the dusty plasma technology for diamond ceramics production
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Poster: Film structure and composition

F. Zoubian, E. Tomasella, A. Bousquet, J. Cellier, T. Sauvage
Effect of the rapid thermal annealing on the structure and optical properties of TaOxNy thin films deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Darya L. Alontseva, Alexander D. Pogrebnjak, Galina Klassen
The Structure-Phase Compositions of Ni - Cr and Co–Cr Based Powder Alloys Coatings Deposited by Plasma-Detonation on Steel Substrates
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Nikolai Cherenda, Natalya Bibik, Vladimir Uglov, Valentin Astashynski, Anton Kuzmitski
Synthesis of intermetallic compounds in the surface layer of eutectic silumin by dense plasma impact
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Marek Betiuk
Evaluation of the PVD and CVD coatings’ structure using the modified method of spherical metallographic microsection (Baltest-M).
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Poster: Plasma diagnostics and process control

Tsukasa Yamane, Sachiko Nakao, Yoshiaki Takeuchi, Hiroshi Muta, Ryuta Ichiki, Kiichiro Uchino, Yoshinobu Kawai
Measurements of SiH4/H2 VHF Plasma Parameters with Heated Langmuir Probe
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Poster: Electro and magneto functional films

F. Schmaljohann, D. Hagedorn, F. Löffler
Systematic evaluation of thin electrically insulating layers on common engineering materials
[Abstract and Fulltext]

M. Kalisz, R. Mroczynski
Ultra-shallow fluorine implantation from r.f. plasma as a method for improvement of electro-physical properties of MIS structures with PECVD gate dielectric layers
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Poster: Multilayer and nanocomposite films

?. Yablokov, ?. Gilman, ?. ?echek’yan, ?. ?uznetsov
Laminated Composite on the Basis of Plasma Modified PTFE Films and Thin Aluminum Layers
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A. D. Pogrebnjak, A. G. Ponomarev, M. V. Kaverin, D. A. Kolesnikov, V. M. Beresnev, F.F. Komarov, S. S. Mel’nik,
The formation of superhard coatings = 48 GPa in Ti-Hf-N (Fe) and analysis of their structure and properties.
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Marcin Grobelny, Dariusz Rudnik, Marcin Makowka, Katarzyna Wlodarczyk-Kowalska, Piotr Nolbrzak, Wojciech Pawlak
Electrochemical and mechanical properties of low friction nc-CrC/a-C:H and nc-WC/a-C:H coatings on construction materials deposited by magnetron sputtering.
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Poster: Plasma processing in liquids

S. Sarbishei, M.A. Faghihi-Sani, M. Mohammadi, F. Einkhah
Effect of time in plasma electrolytic oxidation process on titanium substrate with addition nano alpha alumina powder in electrolyte and investigate wear behavior of coating
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Poster: Mechanical film properties

K.-D. Bouzakis, M. Batsiolas, G. Skordaris, N. Michailidis, F. Stergioudi
Fatigue Behavior of Coated and Uncoated.Cemented Carbide Inserts Inverstigated by Impact test at the Cutting Edge Vicinity
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J. Bradley, A. Cavaleiro, Th. Czerwiec, P. Eklund, U. Helmersson, G.J. van der Kolk, W. Möller, L. Nielsen, C. Oehr, R. Tietema, J. Vlcek (2012). 13th International Conference on Plasma Surface Engineering September 10 - 14, 2012, in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany http://www.ep.liu.se/wcc_home/default.aspx?issue=002 (2019-10-15)

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