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Publishing Templates

Reference Software

There is different software for handling references. Linköping University Library offers three different systems, free of charge, for students and employees at Linköping University:

Word Templates

It is important that all published material at LiU E-Press have an uniform graphical design. Therefore has LiU E-Press designed templates which may be downloaded on your computer. The templates are only a guide for the users. Each department may change the templates for their own use or create their own templates.

The templates were created in Word 2003 and should work on both Mac and PC systems. Those who do not have MS Office installed may use the freeware program OpenOffice which can handle MS Word files.

We cannot guarantee that everything works perfectly since the computer model and age of the operating system may differ between computers.


Style Sheets are also available for LaTeX. These style sheets are only available for Series but it is possible to adapt them after your own requirements.


LiU E-Press is unable to contribute with any support concerning the templates. We refer you to your department or the university helpdesk.

Indexing in Google

Google indexes also the pdf files and "read" the text from the left to the right. This means that using the two columns templates, Google will "read" across the columns and the text will look very strange in the Google hit list. Also avoid writing in the page header because Google interpreter the first line as the publication headline.

Licentiate Theses and Ph.D.


Download and use the template as they are or adjust it after your own need. The template is created with unnumbered, left handed headlines

Word document (docx)
Pdf file showing how it should look (pdf)


Download the templates in LaTeX from liuthesis and other necesarry files and adjust them as needed. Here you find different versions depending on faculty and whether it is a monograph or an comprehensive summary.

Word Template

Download the template and use it as it is or adjust it to the series it will be used for.

Word-document (docx)

LaTeX Style Sheet

These style sheets have been prepared and configured for the series Linköping Electronic Articles in Computer and Information Science and Linköping Electronic Articles in Academic Policies and Trends.

LaTeX Manuscript Preparation Guide

When preparing your Latex-formatted article for LiU E-Press publication, we recommend the following “modularization” approach:
  1. Dedicate a separate directory or “folder” for the article. Within this directory there will be some files with your content, and some files that you obtain from this site that can be used without changes or with minor changes.
  2. Organize your paper in terms of one file called abstract.tex for the abstract, and another file called body.tex for the contents of the article itself but without title page etc. See the headline Style Files in text format for LaTex for examples.
  3. Obtain a copy of our description file, descr.tex and complete it with the bibliographic information for your article: the list of authors and the title of the paper, in particular. Other data in that file, such as the serial number for the article, will be added by LiU E-Press so you can put anything there for the time being. Put this file in the article's directory as well.
  4. Proceed similarly with the affiliations file, affil.tex.
  5. If you wish to include an acknowledgement to your grant agency at the beginning of the article, then add a file ack.tex as well.
  6. Put copies of the standard ’main’ file, main.tex and of the style file, e.g. etendu-cis.sty in the article's directory. If you did not use affil or ack files then the corresponding lines have to be removed in the main file, but otherwise it can be used as is.
       Each series has its own style file, for example etendu-cis.sty for the Computer and Information Science series. Use the file for the series where your paper will appear. If there is no style file here for your series, then pick another one and we will fix it.
  7. Now it only remains to run latex on the main file, and you will obtain postscript or pdf versions of your paper. Check out that everything looks the way you intend it.
  8. Submit the entire contents of the directory to LiU E-Press. We will add the remaining data in the description file, re-run the paper through LaTeX, and publish it.

Style Files in text format for LaTeX

Style Files in text format for series

Creating pdf files from LaTeX

Early LaTex systems only produced postscript, and one had to convert from postscript files to pdf files in a separate step. Modern LaTex systems are able to generate pdf directly. If you still need to go to pdf via postscript, the following may be of help:

The packet hyperref is strongly recommended since PDF-bookmarks are created and table of contents, cross-references and references will be clickable. Use \usepackage{hyperref} (if you use ps2pdf according to the instructions below instead use \usepackage[ps2pdf]{hyperref}).

In order to create a PDF from your LaTeX-document you may use one of several methods:

  • Use pdflatex.

    The procedure is done in one step: pdflatex fil.tex, but a possible disadvantage is that your figures must be in pdf-format.

  • Use latex dvips and ps2pdf.
  • This is a process in several steps: latex file.tex, dvips -Ppdf fil.dvi and ps2pdf fil.ps. The figures can be in EPS-format.

  • Use latex dvips and Acrobat Distiller.

    This is also a process in several steps: latex fil.tex, dvips -Ppdf fil.dvi, use Distiller on file.ps. Acrobat Distiller must be of least version 4.0, or you may else loose some characters when you convert the file especially the minus sign may disappear. Read more about it at TeX FAQ about Acrobat Distiller.

The PDF, from the last two procedures may appear blurry in Acrobat Reader (if the version is less than 6.0), and this may be caused by three things:

  • You have forgotten to give the switch -Ppdf till dvips (do that).

  • You have used \usepackage[T1]{fontenc}, in order to get Swedish hyphenation.

    Change the font to some other of Computer Modern (TeX default font), by adding \usepackage{lmodern} or \usepackage{cm-super}. Or why not change to Times with \usepackage{times}

  • You have a an outdated ps2pdf or an outdated dvips.

    Upgrade GhostScript, which contains ps2pdf, to at least v6.50.
    Upgrade dvips to at least v5.90.

For further information see also TeX FAQ about generating PDF or more general TeX FAQ.

LiU E-press has created two different Word templates for conference articles: one column or two columns. It is possible to adjust the templates so they match the conference graphical design. If the articles are going to be a part of a Proceeding it is important that all articles have the same layout. Read more about electronic publishing of conferences on our conference page.

One Column

Word document (docx)

Two Columns

Word document (docx)

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