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Journal Articles

Philipp Späth, Harald Rohracher and Alanus von Radecki
  Incumbent Actors as Niche Agents: The German Car Industry and the Taming of the “Stuttgart E-Mobility Region”
  Sustainability, 2016, 8(3), 252.
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Philipp Späth and Harald Rohracher
  Conflicting strategies towards sustainable heating at an urban junction of heat infrastructure and building standards
  Energy Policy, 2015, 78, 273-280.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 13

Kirsten Ulsrud, Tanja Winther, Debajit Palit and Harald Rohracher
  Village-level solar power in Africa: Accelerating access to electricity services through a socio-technical design in Kenya
  Energy Research & Social Sciences, 2015, 5, 34-44.

Harald Rohracher and Philipp Späth
  The interplay of urban energy policy and socio-technical transitions: The eco-cities of Graz and Freiburg in retrospect
  Urban Studies, 2014, 51(7), 1415-1431.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 34

Steffen Wirth, Jochen Markard, Bernhard Truffer and Harald Rohracher
  Informal institutions matter: professional culture and the development of biogas technology
  Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, 2013, 8, 20-41.

Michael Ornetzeder and Harald Rohracher
  Of solar collectors, wind power, and car sharing: Comparing and understanding successful cases of grassroots innovations
  Global Environmental Change, 2013, 23(5), 856-867.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 30

K. Matthias Weber and Harald Rohracher
  Legitimizing research, technology and innovation policies for transformative change: Combining insights from innovation systems and multi-level perspective in a comprehensive ‘failures’ framework
  Research Policy, 2012, 41(6), 1037-1047.

Philipp Späth and Harald Rohracher
  Local Demonstrations for Global Transitions—Dynamics across Governance Levels Fostering Socio-Technical Regime Change Towards Sustainability
  European Planning Studies, 2012, 20(3), 461-479.

Petra Wächter, Michael Ornetzeder, Harald Rohracher, Anna Schreuer and Markus Knoflacher
  Towards a Sustainable Spatial Organization of the Energy System: Backcasting Experiences from Austria
  Sustainability, 2012, 4(2), 193-209.
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Harald Rohracher and Philipp Späth
  Transitions towards sustainability - learning from Graz and Freiburg?
  Serbian Architectural Journal, 2012, 4, 75-98.

Kirsten Ulsrud, Tanja Winther, Debajit Palit, Harald Rohracher and Jonas Sandgren
  The Solar Transitions research on solar mini-grids in India: Learning from local cases of innovative socio-technical systems
  Energy for Sustainable Development, 2011, 15(3), 293-303.

Harald Rohracher
  Biofuels and their publics: the need for differentiated analyses and strategies
  Biofuels, 2010, 1(1), 3-5.

Philipp Späth and Harald Rohracher
  ‘Energy Regions’: The transformative power of regional discourses on socio-technical futures
  Research Policy, 2010, 39(4), 449-458.

Petra Wächter, Michael Ornetzeder and Harald Rohracher
  Krise, Chance oder Business as usual?: Drei Szenarien für Österreichs Energieversorgung
  GAIA, 2010, 19(2), 158-160.

Anna Schreuer, Harald Rohracher and Philipp Späth
  Transforming the Energy System: The Role of Institutions, Interests and Ideas
  Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, 2010, 22(6), 649-652.

Harald Rohracher
  Intermediaries and the Governance of Choice: The Case of Green Electricity Labelling
  Environment and planning A, 2009, 41(8), 2014-2028.

Harald Rohracher
  Energy systems in transition: contributions from social sciences
  International Journal of Environmental Technology and Management, 2008, 9(2-3), 144-161.

Harald Rohracher
  Book review of ‘Ralf Brand: Synchronizing Science and Technology with Human Behaviour. London: Earthscan, 2005.’
  Planning Theory & Practice, 2007, 8(3), 415-416.

Harald Rohracher
  Sustainability as a Matter of Social Context: Information Technologies and the Environment
  International Journal of Environmental Technology and Management, 2006, 6(6), 539-552.

Michael Ornetzeder and Harald Rohracher
  User-led Innovations and Participation Processes: Lessons from Sustainable Energy Technologies
  Energy Policy, 2006, 34(2), 138-150.


Jonas Anshelm, Kajsa Ellegård, Jenny Palm and Harald Rohracher
  Socio-technical perspectives on sustainable energy systems
    Linköping University, 2015.


Erich Griessler and Harald Rohracher
  Genomforschung - Politik – Gesellschaft: Perspektiven auf ethische, rechtliche und soziale Aspekte der Genomforschung
  Österreichische Zeitschrift für Soziologie, Sonderhefte Bd. 10, , VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften, 2011.

Harald Rohracher, Ivan Tchalakov and Franc Mali
  Governing sociotechnical change in Southeastern Europe: contributions from a science & technology studies perspective
  East-West Publishers, 2007.

Harald Rohracher
  User Involvement in Innovation Processes: Strategies and Limitations from a Socio-Technical Perspective
  Profil Verlag, 2005.

Chapters in Books

Harald Rohracher
  Intermediaries and the governance of choice: the case of green electricity labelling
  Socio-technical perspectives on sustainable energy systems, Linköping University, 2015, 307-329.

Harald Rohracher
  Science and Technology Studies, History of
  International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences, Elsevier, 2015, 200-205.

Philipp Späth and Harald Rohracher
  Beyond localism: The spatial scale and scaling in energy transitions
  Scale-sensitive Governance of the Environment, John Wiley & Sons, 2014, 106-121.

Harald Rohracher
  Intertwining the Material and the Social: Some Concluding Remarks
  Knowledge and evidence: investigating technologies in practice, Linköping University Electronic Press, 2013, 255-262.

Harald Rohracher and Wilma Mert
  Improving the public perception of bioenergy
  Handbook Biomass Gasification (Second Edition), BTG, 2012, 433-448.

Michael Ornetzeder and Harald Rohracher
  Nutzerinnovation und Nachhaltigkeit: Soziale und technische Innovationen als zivilgesellschaftliches Engagement
  Gesellschaft innovativ: Wer sind die Akteure? Wiesbaden: VS Verlag, VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften, 2012, 171-190.

Petra Wächter, Anna Schreuer, Harald Rohracher and Michael Ornetzeder
  Räumliche Aspekte eines nachhaltigen Energiesystems: Backcasting als Methode für Systeminnovation
  Der Systemblick auf Innovation: Technikfolgenabschätzung in der Technikgestaltung, Edition Sigma, 2012, 351-358.

Harald Rohracher, Michael Ornetzeder and Petra Wächter
  Sozio-technische Szenarien und Kernhandlungsfelder für ein nachhaltiges Energiesystem in Österreich
  Der Systemblick auf Innovation: Technikfolgenabschätzung in der Technikgestaltung, Edition Sigma, 2012, 193-200.

Michael Ornetzeder, Anna Schreuer and Harald Rohracher
  Auf der Suche nach nachhaltigen Anwendungsformen der Brennstoffzellentechnologie: Erfahrungen mit Constructive Technology Assessment
  Technology Governance: Der Beitrag der Technikfolgenabschätzung, Edition Sigma, 2010, 271-278.

Harald Rohracher
  Constructing markets for green electricity: The ‘soft power’ of intermediaries in transforming energy systems
  Shaping Urban Infrastructures: Intermediaries and the Governance of Socio-Technical Networks, Earthscan Publications Ltd., 2010, 75-91.

Philipp Späth and Harald Rohracher
  The ‘eco-cities’ Freiburg and Graz: the social dynamics of pioneering urban energy and climate governance
  Cities and Low Carbon Transitions, Routledge, 2010, 88-106.

Harald Rohracher
  Transforming environmental innovation systems: Innovation cultures and social learning processes
  Innovation cultures – challenge and learning strategies, Filosofia, 2009, 69-91.

Harald Rohracher and Philipp Späth
  Neue Chancen ungleich verteilt: Räumliche Ausdifferenzierungen der Energieversorgung im ländlichen Österreich
  Infrastrukturnetze und Raumentwicklung: Zwischen Universalisierung und Differenzierung, oekom verlag, 2008, 225-248.

K. Matthias Weber, Klaus Kubeczko and Harald Rohracher
  System innovations in innovation systems: Conceptual foundations and experiences with Adaptive Foresight in Austria
  Perspectives on radical changes to sustainable consumption and production, Greenleaf Publishing Ltd, 2008, 345-368.

Harald Rohracher
  Die Wechselwirkung technischen und institutionellen Wandels in der Transformation von Energiesystemen
  Gesellschaft und die Macht der Technik: Sozioökonomischer und institutioneller Wandel durch Technisierung, Campus Verlag, 2007, 133-151.

Harald Rohracher
  Governing sociotechnical change in regional innovation systems
  Governing Sociotechnical Change in Southeastern Europe: Contributions from a Science and Technology Studies Perspective, East-West Publishers, 2007, 90-116.

Harald Rohracher
  The Governance of Socio-Technical Change - Social Studies of Technology in Austria
  Governing Sociotechnical Change in Southeastern Europe: Contributions from a Science and Technology Studies Perspective, East-West Publishers, 2007, 19-42.

Harald Rohracher
  Innovation und Diffusion von Umwelttechnologien: Das Potential techniksoziologischer Beiträge zu Technologieprogrammen
  Technik- und Wissenschaftssoziologie in Österreich. Stand und Perspektiven, Springer, 2006, 29-49.

  Fulltext PDF

Philipp Späth, Harald Rohracher, K. Matthias Weber and Ines Oehme
  The transition towards sustainable production systems in Austria - reflexive experimentation?
  Reflexive Governance for Sustainable Development, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2006, 355-382.

Dierk Bauknecht, Philipp Späth, Uwe Leprich and Harald Rohracher
  Transformation der Stromwirtschaft: Die Rolle der Netze und ihrer Regulierung
  Ökologische Transformation der Energiewirtschaft: Erfolgsbedingungen und Restriktionen, Erich-Schmidt Verlag, 2006, 257-275.

Harald Rohracher
  Users as a source of learning in environmental technology management
  The International Handbook on Environmental Technology Management, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2006, 49-66.

Harald Rohracher
  From passive consumers to active participants: The diverse roles of users in innovation processes
  User Involvement in Innovation Processes: Strategies and Limitations from a Socio-Technical Perspective, Profil Verlag, 2005, 9-35.

Michael Ornetzeder and Harald Rohracher
  Social Learning, Innovation and Sustainable Technology
  Handbook of Sustainability Research, Peter Lang Publishing Group, 2005, 147-175.

Harald Rohracher
  Social research on energy-efficient building technologies: towards a sociotechnical integration
  Sustainable Architectures: Cultures and Natures in Europe and North America, Spon press, 2005, 201-218.

Harald Rohracher
  Strategies to support social learning in the transformation of the energy sector
  Rationality in an Uncertain World, Edition Sigma, 2005, 103-119.

Ph.D. Theses

Anna Wallsten
  Assembling the Smart Grid: On the Mobilization of Imaginaries, Users and Materialities in a Swedish Demonstration Project

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