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Single Crystal-Like Performance in Solution-Coated Thin-Film Organic Field-Effect Transistors
Freddy G. del Pozo, Simone Fabiano, Raphael Pfattner, Stamatis Georgakopoulos, Sergi Galindo, Xianjie Liu, Slawomir Braun, Mats Fahlman, Jaume Veciana, Concepcio Rovira, Xavier Crispin, Magnus Berggren and Marta Mas-Torrent
Advanced Functional Materials, 2016, 26( 14), 2379-2386.
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Thermoelectric Polymers and their Elastic Aerogels
Zia Ullah Khan, Jesper Edberg, Mahiar Max Hamedi, Roger Gabrielsson, Hjalmar Granberg, Lars Wågberg, Isak Engquist, Magnus Berggren and Xavier Crispin
Advanced Materials, 2016, 28( 22), 4556-4562.
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Development and Characterization of Organic Electronic Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering
Donata Iandolo, Akhilandeshwari Ravichandran, Xianjie Liu, Feng Wen, Jerry K Y Chan, Magnus Berggren, Swee-Hin Teoh and Daniel T Simon
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Advanced Healthcare Materials, 2016, 5( 12), 1505-1512.


High-Performance Hole Transport and Quasi-Balanced Ambipolar OFETs Based on D-A-A Thieno-benzo-isoindigo Polymers
David Ian James, Suhao Wang, Wei Ma, Svante Hedstrom, Xiangyi Meng, Petter Persson, Simone Fabiano, Xavier Crispin, Mats R. Andersson, Magnus Berggren and Ergang Wang
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Ionic thermoelectric supercapacitors
Dan Zhao, Hui Wang, Zia Ullah Khan, J. C. Chen, Roger Gabrielsson, Magnus Jonsson, Magnus Berggren and Xavier Crispin
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Energy & Environmental Science, 2016, 9( 4), 1450-1457.
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An Organic Mixed Ion–Electron Conductor for Power Electronics
Abdellah Malti, Jesper Edberg, Hjalmar Granberg, Zia Ullah Khan, Jens W Andreasen, Xianjie Liu, Dan Zhao, Hao Zhang, Yulong Yao, Joseph W Brill, Isak Engquist, Mats Fahlman, Lars Wågberg, Xavier Crispin and Magnus Berggren
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Advanced Science, 2016.
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Browsing the Real World using Organic Electronics, Si-Chips, and a Human Touch.
Magnus Berggren, Daniel Simon, D Nilsson, P Dyreklev, P Norberg, S Nordlinder, PA Ersman, G Gustafsson, Jacob Wikner, J Hederén and H Hentzell
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Advanced Materials, 2016, 28( 10), 1911-1916.


Bioelectronic neural pixel: Chemical stimulation and electrical sensing at the same site
Amanda Jonsson, Sahika Inal, Ilke Uguz, Adam Williamson, Loig Kergoat, Jonathan Rivnay, Dion Khodagholy, Magnus Berggren, Christophe Bernard, George G Malliaras and Daniel T Simon
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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2016, 113( 34), 9440-9445.
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The Role of Size and Dimerization of Decorating Plasmonic Silver Nanoparticles on the Photoelectrochemical Solar Water Splitting Performance of BiVO4 Photoanodes
Marco Valenti, Evgenia Kontoleta, Ibadillah A. Digdaya, Magnus Jonsson, George Biskos, Andreas Schmidt-Ott and Wilson A. Smith
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CHEMNANOMAT, 2016, 2( 7), 739-747.


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