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Solution-processed bulk-heterojunction organic solar cells employing Ir complexes as electron donors
Hongyu Zhen, Qiong Hou, Kan Li, Zaifei Ma, Simone Fabiano, Feng Gao and Fengling Zhang
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2014, 2( 31), 12390-12396.


Electrocardiographic recording with conformable organic electrochemical transistor fabricated on resorbable bioscaffold
Alessandra Campana, Tobias Cramer, Daniel Simon, Magnus Berggren and Fabio Biscarini
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Advanced Materials, 2014, 26( 23), 3874-3878.
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Organic electrochemical transistors for signal amplification in fast scan cyclic voltammetry
Klas Tybrandt, Suresh Babu Kollipara and Magnus Berggren
Sensors and actuators. B, Chemical, 2014, 195, 651-656.
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Semi-metallic polymers
Olga Bubnova, Zia Ullah Khan, Hui Wang, Slawomir Braun, Drew R. Evans, Manrico Fabretto, Pejman Hojati-Talemi, Daniel Dagnelund, Jean-Baptiste Arlin, Yves H. Geerts, Simon Desbief, Dag W. Breiby, Jens W. Andreasen, Roberto Lazzaroni, Weimin Chen, Igor Zozoulenko, Mats Fahlman, Peter J. Murphy, Magnus Berggren and Xavier Crispin
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Nature Materials, 2014, 13( 2), 190-194.
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Electroresponsive Nanoporous Membranes by Coating Anodized Alumina with Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophone) and Polypyrrole
Alexis Abelow, Kristin Persson, Edwin Jager, Magnus Berggren and Ilya Zharov
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Macromolecular materials and engineering (Print), 2014, 299( 2), 190-197.


Conductivity of epitaxial and CVD graphene with correlated line defects
T. M. Radchenko, A. A. Shylau and Igor Zozoulenko
Solid State Communications, 2014, 195, 88-94.
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On the mode of operation in electrolyte-gated thin film transistors based on different substituted polythiophenes
Henrik Toss, Clement Suspene, Benoit Piro, Abderrahim Yassar, Xavier Crispin, Loig Kergoat, Minh-Chau Pham and Magnus Berggren
Organic electronics, 2014, 15( 10), 2420-2427.
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All-printed diode operating at 1.6 GHz
Negar Abdollahi Sani, Mats Robertsson, Philip Cooper, Xin Wang, Magnus Svensson, Peter Andersson Ersman, Petronella Norberg, Marie Nilsson, David Nilsson, Xianjie Liu, Hjalmar Hesselbom, Laurent Akesso, Mats Fahlman, Xavier Crispin, Isak Engquist, Magnus Berggren and Goran Gustafsson
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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2014, 111( 33), 11943-11948.
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Poly(ethylene imine) impurities induce n-doping reaction in organic (semi)conductors
Simone Fabiano, Slawomir Braun, Xianjie Liu, Eric Weverberghs, Pascal Gerbaux, Mats Fahlman, Magnus Berggren and Xavier Crispin
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Advanced Materials, 2014, 26( 34), 6000-6006.
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Organic Reprogrammable Circuits Based on Electrochemically-Formed Diodes
Jiang Liu, Isak Engquist and Magnus Berggren
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 2014, 6( 15), 13266-13270.


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