Visibility, Accessibility and Archiving of Research Data

VR now requires a Data Publishing Plan

Through VR and other financing agencies, there is a requirement that many journal articles from Swedish researchers be made freely accessible. Internationally, the research world is now beginning to see the value of accessibility to research data; accessibility, which allows other researchers to use data for new projects.  A number of funding agencies, e.g. EU, and some journals require that relevant research data be made available to other researchers. In addition, there is a coming requirement  (2013) that universities in Sweden archive research data.

Beginning this year, the Swedish national research funding agency, VR, requires that applications include a data publishing plan, for projects where data collection represents a significant part of the project. The plan should include a description of the data to be collected, how it will be collected, how it will be stored and how it will be made accessible for other researchers. The objective is to ensure maximized usage of data collected with public finances.

Nationally, the VR-financed Swedish National Data service, SND, provides information and help with publishing data sets. Because of the coming archiving requirements, there has been a collaboration between LiU’s library and LiU’s archive since 2010.
Work is on-going in three phases:

If you have questions about current and coming requirements for research data, please feel free to contact Steingrimur Jonsson (LiUB).