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Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings in the "Fridalist" Automatic new article notification: click and bookmark

A short while ago Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings was added to the Norwegian “Frida list” ranked as level 1. This means that conference articles, published at LiU E-Press, will be counted in Norwegian-style bibliometric analyses (it is very rare that conference articles in general are counted in bibliometric assessments).

The “Frida list” (also called “the Norwegian model”) is a database containing ranked publication channels, important for the weighted funding model used in Norway. The model is based only on volume and different publications generate different points based on where it is published i.e. high or low ranked journals. Also publishers are ranked in the system. The model does not take into consideration citations in journals.

Denmark uses the list and Finland is preparing to use the list. In Sweden several universities have started using the Frida list internally and it is fairly certain that the list it is going to be used nationally. Scientific Journals in the Frida list are also listed in DiVA

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