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E-Press has a function that allows researchers to link from their personal web pages to E-Press to get a list of their publications which is automatically kept up-to-date. In the list authors’ names (LiU researchers) are linked to further publication lists, the title is linked to the full-post in DiVA, a pdf symbol appears for parallel published material and ISI citations are given when there are some (the citation number links to a list of citing articles in ISI).

The basic form of the link is: http://www.ep.liu.se/PubList/Default.aspx?userid=carfr04 where the last 7 characters (carfr04) are replaced by your own LiUID.

It is possible to do some fine tuning of the publication list. For example, if you only want publications from the last 2 years, use: http://www.ep.liu.se/PubList/Default.aspx?userid=carfr04;years2 (the last “2” can be replaced by the length of time you are interested in).

If you want a publication for a group of people use: http://www.ep.liu.se/PubList/Default.aspx?userid=(carfr04;annbj94) where one can list as many LiUIDs as you like within the brackets. Again, adding “;years2” to the end will limit the year range.

For those at HU, who wish to check that your affiliation is correct for each of your publications, add “;affil”: http://www.ep.liu.se/PubList/Default.aspx?userid=carfr04;affil For each publication you see what is filled in for your subdepartment, department, faculty, LiO clinic and LiO centre.


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