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Art through City Space: A New Multimedia Presentation Automatic new article notification: click and bookmark

This internet publication shows extracts from four works that interrogate and engage the space of the city. The publication also present participant’s reflections over the evolvement of their work, and where it landed. Two researchers, two artists, a photographer and a writer participate. The overall project – Art through City Space – suggests movement and flow, as well as a perspective, leading the artists, and the project participants into a range of questions and practices central to contemporary urban life. The multimedia presentation are available under the headlines Sound Maschine and View through a Park from the main menu:


E-Press Generates Tag Clouds Based in LiU Research

In order to increase the visibility of the publications registered at E-Press, we have generated two Tag Clouds, one based on newly registered publications and the other based on research keywords. A Tag Cloud is a collection of words (or names) that appear frequently in some aspect of E-Press’ collection. Each word/name is linked to a set of related publications. The text size varies depending upon the number of publications associated with the given word/name.

The newly registered publication tag cloud uses publications registered in the last 60 days and gives an indication of those authors who have registered the most in that time period. It is updated every night.

The subject-based tag cloud has been generated from words found in titles, abstracts and keywords for all LiU’s registered publications for 2009 and 2010. This cloud will be updated a couple of times a year.

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