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On Friday, October 22nd, our new server was taken in operation with more capacity regarding storing and speed. In the new server we can from now on host all material we publish electronically at LiU E-Press. Before we had to publish the databases on a separate server in order to make it work

New and updated homepages

The new homepages is updated and with new functions and presentation. Among other things the left menu has got new functions which makes it quick and easy finding correct page on LiU E-Press. The text on some pages have been rewritten in order to meet the new requirements of information from LiU E-Press. Now we have detailed description how to fill in the web form for each publication type and direct links to the publishing agreements. The right menus direct links have been moved to the top of the page just under the LiU E-Press logo and under the buttons further down on the page.

NOTE! that all pages (except for the journals) have got new file extensions: .html is changed to .asp. Some pages has also changed name. If you have direct links to our homepages, check them and change the link if it does not work. All old pages has an automatic relink to the new pages.

Responsible for this page: Peter Berkesand
Last updated: 2017-02-21