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På LiU E-Press har vi registrerat de flesta publikationer från LiU. Skriv några nyckelord, välj publikationstyp...

Manuskript (preprint): PEEM, LEED and PES temperature study of Eu doped Gd<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub> nanoparticles and their interactions with silicon
  Linnéa Selegård, Alexei Zakharov, Andréas Skallberg, Natalia Abrikossova, Kajsa Uvdal

Artikel i tidskrift: Extracting metal ions from water with redox active biopolymer electrodes
  Shimelis Molla, Anders Elfwing, Andreas Skallberg, Olle Inganäs

Artikel i tidskrift: Imaging XPS and photoemission electron microscopy; surface chemical mapping and blood cell visualization
  Andreas Skallberg, Caroline Brommesson, Kajsa Uvdal

Artikel i tidskrift: One-step synthesis of water-dispersible ultra-small Fe3O4 nanoparticles as contrast agents for T-1 and T-2 magnetic resonance imaging
  Guannan Wang, Xuanjun Zhang, Andreas Skallberg, Yaxu Liu, Zhang-Jun Hu, Xifan Mei, Kajsa Uvdal