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UV-ozone treatment of PEDOT-based materials resulting in increased work functions
Manuscript (preprint)
Carl Tengstedt, Anna Kanciurzewska, M. P. de Jong, William R. Salaneck, Mats Fahlman
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<p>We describe a simple method to increase the work function of PEDOT-PFESA and PEDOT-PSS by short exposure to UV and ozone in a "UVO-Cleaner®". The creation of carbonyl gmups in the surface region fotms a dipole layer shifting the vacuum level with a followed increase in work function. It has been shown that the work function of PEDOT-PFESA can be increased by as much as -0.4 eV to the absolute value of 6.3 eV and by at least -0.2 eV for PEDOT-PSS to the absolute value of 5.4 e V. The increase in work function has also proven to be time dependent with the largest increasing rate occuning for short exposure times. Upon ozone treatment, both PEDOT and PSS are oxidized whereas PFESA seems to be unaffected.</p>