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Inverted indium-tin-oxide-free cone-shaped polymer solar cells for light trapping
Article in journal
Hongyu Zhen, Kan Li, Zhuoyin Huang, Zheng Tang, Rengmao Wu, Guolong Li, Xu Liu, Fengling Zhang
Publication Year
Applied Physics Letters, 2012, (100)21, 213901
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<p>Based on the flexibility of polymer film, cone-shaped polymer solar cells (PSCs) are fabricated and studied. Effective light trapping is achieved due to multi-absorption in all 360 degrees directions. Monte Carlo ray tracing is used to simulate the absorption of cone-shaped PSCs with two variables: wavelength and half cone angle. With an inverted indium-tin-oxide-free device structure, a 43% enhanced light utilization without loss of material utilization is realized in the cone-shaped PSCs with a half cone angle of 45 degrees, compared with the planar PSCs.</p>