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Insightful learning in the laboratory: Some experiences from ten years of designing and using conceptual labs
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Jonte Bernhard
Publication Year
European Journal of Engineering Education, 2010, (35)3, 271-287
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<p>I describe a series of projects on the design and implementation of “conceptual labs” aimed atdeveloping insightful learning, following work that began in 1994/95. The main focus has been oncourses in mechanics and electric circuit theory. The approach taken in designing these innovativecurricula can be described as “design-based research”. A common feature in these learningenvironments is the use of technology as a tool to aid students’ inquiry. In addition, systematicvariation, based on the theory of variation, has been introduced into the design of the assignedtasks. Results from conceptual inventories have demonstrated the success of conceptual labs. Inthe later projects we used video recording to study students’ courses of action in labs. I describehow these studies have provided insights into conditions that are critical for learning and howthese insights have helped me and co-workers to make further improvements to learningenvironments.</p>