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Synthesis and characterization of three small band gap conjugated polymers for solar cell applications
Article in journal
Stefan Hellstrom, Lars J Lindgren, Yi Zhou, Fengling Zhang, Olle Inganäs, Mats R Andersson
Publication Year
POLYMER CHEMISTRY, 2010, (1)8, 1272-1280
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<p>We report on a new series of small band gap conjugated polymers utilizing donor-acceptor-donor substructures in the polymer backbone to broaden and extend the optical absorption to longer wavelengths. Three polymers were prepared by Suzuki polymerization, using the same donor-acceptor-donor segment but with different comonomers. The goal was to investigate how the optical and electronic properties of the polymers were influenced by the different comonomers. Electrochemical spectroscopy, using square-wave voltammetry, shows that increasing the electron-donating strength of the comonomer will raise the HOMO energy level of the polymer, resulting in a decreased band gap. This result is also manifested by comparing open-circuit voltages from the corresponding laboratory fabricated solar cells. The best performing photovoltaic cell, based on APFO-Green15/[60]PCBM (1 : 4 w/w), reached a J(sc) of 4.2 mA cm(-2), a V-oc of 0.73 V, and a FF of 0.54, giving a PCE of 1.7%.</p>