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White Light with Phosphorescent Protein Fibrils in OLEDs
Article in journal
Aurora Rizzo, Niclas Solin, Lars J Lindgren, Mats R Andersson, Olle Inganäs
Publication Year
NANO LETTERS, 2010, (10)6, 2225-2230
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<p>Red and yellow phosphorescent insulin amyloid fibrils are used as guest-emitting species within a blue-emitting polyfluorene matrix in light-emitting diodes. The integration of the phosphorescent Ir-complex into the amyloid structures strongly improves the triplet exciton confinement and allows the fabrication of white-emitting device with a very low loading of phosphorescent complex. The overall performances of the devices are improved in comparison with the corresponding bare Ir-complexes. This approach opens a way to explore novel device architectures and to understand the exciton/charge transfer dynamics in phosphorescent light emitting diodes.</p>