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Dark states in oligothiophenes: evidence from fluorescence correlation spectroscopy and dynamic light scattering
Manuscript (preprint)
Jens A. Wigenius, Gustav Persson, Peter Nilsson, Jerker Widengren, Olle Inganäs
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<p>We report studies of the conjugated pentameric oligothiophene derivative p-FTAA, which changes optical properties in aqueous buffers of varying pH and concentration. Using dynamic light scattering, luminescence spectroscopy and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, we find evidence for the formation of large clusters of p-FTAA in aqueous environment, formation of very large non-emissive clusters, and the presence of at least two dark transient states, one presumably being a triplet state. The clustering of p-FTAA is therefore an important mechanism. This work provides an interpretation of fluorescence spectra used for the detection of misfolding proteins through interaction with p-FTAA.</p>