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DNA Chips with Conjugated Polyelectrolytes in Resonance Energy Transfer Mode
Article in journal
Jens Wigenius, Karin Magnusson, Per Björk, Olof Andersson, Olle Inganäs
Publication Year
LANGMUIR, 2010, (26)5, 3753-3759
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<p>We show how to use well-defined conjugated polyelectrolytes (CPEs) combined With Surface energy patterning to Fabricate DNA Chips utilizing A fluorescence signal amplification. Cholesterol-modified DNA strands in complex with it CPE are adsorbed to a surface energy pattern, formed by printing with soft elastomer stamps. Hybridization of the surface bound DNA strands with it short complementary strand from Solution is monitored using both fluorescence microscopy and imaging surface plasmon resonance. The CPEs act as antennas, enhancing resonance energy transfer to the dye-labeled DNA when complementary hybridization of the double strand occurs.</p>