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Macromolecular nanoelectronics
Article in journal
Tobias Nyberg, Fengling Zhang, Olle Inganäs
Publication Year
Current applied physics, 2002, (2)1, 27-31
<p>We have explored new organic materials and fabrication methods to fabricate organic photodiodes and light emitting diodes. Grafting of a fullerene derivative to a polythiophene backbone yielded an integrated acceptor-donor polymer that we used as the active material in organic photodiodes. Using a method of soft lithography. soft embossing, we fabricated submicron structures to be used as organic light emitting diodes. Employing a silicone rubber replica (stamp) of an optical diffraction grating we transferred the grating pattern to an organic resist layer by placing the stamp in conformal contact with the resist. The transferred pattern was subsequently used as an etch mask for the processing of the device. The structures were successfully utilized as light emitting diodes and photodiodes, with device characteristics influenced by the imposed structure. (C) 2002 Published by Elsevier Science B.V.</p>