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Synthesis, optical and electrochemical characterization of anthrancene and benzothiadiazole-containing polyfluorene copolymers
Article in journal
Shimelis Admassie, Zekarias Yacob, Fengling Zhang, Wendimagegn Mammo, Teketel Yohannes, Theodros Solomon
Publication Year
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia, 2006, (20)2, 309-317
<p>New solution-processable, anthrancene- and benzothiadiazole-containing polyfluorene copolymers (P1-P3) have been synthesized and characterized. The preparation and characterization of the corresponding blue light-emitting devices are also reported. Polymers P2 and P3 show high photoluminescence efficiency while polymer P2 does not show any significant light emission up to 8.0 V. The results show the need for balance of electron and hole transport in polymer light emitting diodes.</p>