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Light emitting SiGe/i-Si/Si: Er
Article in journal
Wei-Xin Ni, Chun-Xia Du, F. Duteil, Galia Pozina, Göran Hansson
Publication Year
Thin Solid Films, 2000, (369)1, 414-418
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<p>p+-SiGe/i-Si/n-Si:Er:O/n+-Si tunneling diodes have been processed using layer structures prepared by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). Electroluminescence has been observed at room temperature from these devices at reverse bias. The devices have been used for characterizing the optical activation of Er3+ ions in MBE Si:Er:O layers grown at different conditions. In the range of 400-575 °C, a high substrate temperature is favored for formation of Er emission centers, but this is limited by the silicidation process occurring above 600 °C. Several important device parameters such as the impact excitation cross section and various EL decay processes have been carefully studied. A fast decay (approximately 4 µs) due to the Auger carrier transfer process is observed.</p>