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Origin of abnormal temperature dependence of electroluminescence from Er/O-doped Si diodes
Article in journal
Göran Hansson, Wei-Xin Ni, Chun-Xia Du, Anders Elfving, F. Duteil
Publication Year
Applied Physics Letters, 2001, (78)15, 2104-2106
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<p>The temperature dependencies of the current-voltage characteristics and the electroluminescence (EL) intensity of molecular beam epitaxy grown Er/O-doped Si light emitting diodes at reverse bias have been studied. To minimize the scattering of electrons injected from the p-doped Si1-xGex electron emitters, an intrinsic Si layer was used in the depletion region. For many diodes, there is a temperature range where the EL intensity increases with temperature. Data are reported for a structure that shows increasing intensity up to 100°C. This is attributed to an increasing fraction of the pumping current being due to phonon-assisted tunneling, which gives a higher saturation intensity, compared to ionization-dominated breakdown at lower temperatures. © 2001 American Institute of Physics.</p>