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Voices of Norrköping  PDF


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<p>Voices of Norrköping is a collection of collaborative projects on the topics of migration, diversity, and belonging. These projects, infor­med by the stories and standpoints of a variety of people, were cre­ated by master’s students of the Ethnic and Migration Studies programme at REMESO, Linköping University.</p><p>While Norrköping is unique in many ways, it also serves as an example of how a city and its community can be transformed by immigration. The articles, essays and art projects presented in this compendium take Norrköping and its inhabitants as a starting point for the discussion of issues which have a broader societal resonance.</p><p>This publication, the second in a series, would not have been possible without the input and support of those whose voices are featured. Throughout our master’s programme, we have explored the idea that each person’s experience is informed by their position at the in­tersection of different privileges and oppressions. By understanding that each individual has a unique worldview, we can appreciate that their stories may differ substantially. As a class, we hope that presenting a broad range of views will illustrate that there is no single narrative when it comes to the themes discussed.</p><p>By listening to these voices, we can begin to understand, and by understanding, we can become more critical of how these themes are presented and dealt with. While some voices are still yet to be heard, we hope that future installments of this series will continue to encourage listening and understanding.</p><p>Ethnic and Migration Studies (EMS)</p><p><em>Class of 2019</em></p>