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A minimal non- radiative recombination loss for efficient non- fullerene all- small- molecule organic solar cells with a low energy loss of 0.54 eV and high open- circuit voltage of 1.15 V+
Article in journal
Daobin Yang, Yuming Wang, Takeshi Sano, Feng Gao, Hisahiro Sasabe, Junji Kido
Publication Year
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2018, (6)28, 13918-13924
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<p>Organic solar cells (OSCs) are considered as a promising next-generation photovoltaic technology because of their light weight, flexibility, and the potential of roll-to-roll fabrication. However, the relatively large energy loss (E-loss) from the optical bandgap (E-g) of the absorber to the open-circuit voltage (V-oc) of the device hinders further improvement of the PCEs of OSCs. Here, we report efficient non-fullerene all-small-molecule organic solar cells (NF all-SMOSCs), using DR3TBDTT and O-IDTBR as the donor and acceptor, respectively. We obtain a high electroluminescence yield (EQE(EL)) value of up to approximate to 4 x 10(-4) corresponding to a 0.21 eV non-radiative recombination loss, which is the smallest value for bulk-heterojunction (BHJ) OSCs so far. As a result, a low E-loss of 0.54 eV and a considerably high V-oc of 1.15 V are obtained for BHJ NF all-SMOSCs.</p>