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Correlation between oxidation potential and open-circuit voltage of composite solar cells based on blends of polythiophenes/fullerene derivative
Article in journal
Abay Gadisa, Mattias Svensson, Mats R. Andersson, Olle Inganäs
Publication Year
Applied Physics Letters, 2004, (84)9, 1609-1611
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<p>The<sup> </sup>photovoltaic parameters of donor/acceptor blend organic solar cells are highly<sup> </sup>influenced by several parameters, such as the strength of the<sup> </sup>acceptor species, the morphology of the film due to the<sup> </sup>solvent, and the mobility of the free charge carriers. In<sup> </sup>this work, the open-circuit voltage (<em>V</em><sub>oc</sub>) of solar cells based<sup> </sup>on series of conjugated polythiophene polymers were measured and compared.<sup> </sup>In every cell, the donor polymer was blended with an<sup> </sup>electron acceptor fullerene molecule. The devices were constructed in a<sup> </sup>sandwich structure with indium tin oxide (ITO)/metallic polymer (PEDOT:PSS) acting<sup> </sup>as an anode and Al or LiF/Al acting as a<sup> </sup>cathode. Comparing the <em>V</em><sub>oc</sub> of all the cells shows that<sup> </sup>this important photovoltaic parameter is systematically varying with the polymer.<sup> </sup>The variation of photovoltage is attributed to the variation of<sup> </sup>the oxidation potential of the donor conjugated polymers after due<sup> </sup>consideration of the different injection conditions in the varying polymers.</p>