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Bipolar transport observed through extraction currents on organic photovoltaic blend materials
Article in journal
Lars Mattias Andersson, Fengling Zhang, Olle Inganäs
Publication Year
Applied Physics Letters, 2006, (89), 142111
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<p>Both<sup> </sup>electron and hole mobilities have been simultaneously measured through charge<sup> </sup>extraction by linearly increasing voltage on polymer heterojunction solar cells<sup> </sup>with varying stoichiometry of polymer and acceptor. The polymer is<sup> </sup>a low band gap copolymer of fluorene, thiophene, and electron<sup> </sup>accepting groups named APFO-Green 5, and the acceptor is [6,6]-phenyl-C<sub>61</sub>-butyric<sup> </sup>acid methylester. Results are correlated to field effect transistor measurements<sup> </sup>on the same material system. A monotonous increase in mobility<sup> </sup>for both carrier types is observed with increased acceptor loading.</p>