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LED array scanner for inline characterization of thin film photovoltaic modules
Article in journal
Jonas Bergqvist, Erik A. Tholén, Olle Inganäs
Publication Year
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 2016, (157)17, 1057-1064
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<p>Thin film solar cells, and in particular printed organic solar cells, offer a potential route to a low cost power generation from sunlight. However, manufacturing these solar cells rapidly generates large areas that have to be characterized, preferably in-line for a direct feed back in the production process. Here we introduce the LEDimage, a LED array illumination induced photocurrent method suitable for high speed inline characterization and defect detection of organic solar cell modules. The LEDimage enables simultaneous illumination of all connected subcells without additional bias light. Each LED in the array is amplitude modulated at an individual frequency and the photocurrent response is Fourier transformed to generate a photocurrent map. Furthermore, the LEDimage can be used as a hand scanner for fast device characterization. We expect that LEDimage can be an effective research and industry tool for characterization of large area thin film solar cells.</p>