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Uniaxial anisotropy in PEDOT:PSS electrodes enhances the photo current at oblique incidence in organic solar cells
Manuscript (preprint)
Jonas Bergqvist, Hans Arwin, Olle Inganäs
Publication Year
<p>In this work an uniaxial anisotropic treatment of the transparent conductor PEDOT:PSS is included in the transfer matrix method (TMM), used to calculate the optical power dissipation in organic solar cells. PEDOT:PSS is known to be anisotropic and exhibit a weaker absorption and lower refractive index in the out of plane direction. For p-polarized light at large oblique incidence the inclusion of anisotropy show a gain of over 10% for the maximum photocurrent as compared to an isotropic treatment. Due to the interference in devices with reflecting bottom electrodes, the active layer absorption gain is not always occurring for the wavelengths with highest dichroism. This work show that using PEDOT:PSS as top electrode further strengthens the argument that thin film solar cells perform better than their silicon counterparts under oblique incidence. We also confirm previous studies showing that the optical interference maxima is shifted to slightly thicker films for oblique incidence for solar cells with reflective bottom electrodes.</p>