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Preparation of aligned Ca3Co2O6 nanorods and their steplike magnetization
Article in journal
P. L. Li, X. Y. Yao, Feng Gao, C. Zhao, K. B. Yin, Y. Y. Weng, J.-M. Liu, Z. F. Ren
Publication Year
Applied Physics Letters, 2007, (91)4, 042505
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<p>Well-aligned Ca3Co2O6 nanorods (similar to 300 nm in length and similar to 40 nm in diameter) on Si substrates are prepared by pulsed laser deposition. The steplike magnetization feature as identified in bulk Ca3Co2O6 can be retained in the nanorods in spite of the enhanced distortion of the magnetically ordered spin chains due to the finite size effect. The out-of-plane magnetization value is slightly larger than the in-plane value, which shows the small magnetic anisotropy. An additional distinct transition at 54 K associated with the spin frustration is revealed, different from the bulk samples. (C) 2007 American Institute of Physics.</p>