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Steplike magnetocapacitance and dielectric relaxation in spin frustrated Ca(3)Co(2)O(6)
Article in journal
P. L. Li, X. Y. Yao, K. F. Wang, C. L. Lu, Feng Gao, J. -M. Liu
Publication Year
Journal of Applied Physics, 2008, (104)5, 054111
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<p>The dielectric relaxation and magnetocapacitance effect of one-dimensional spin frustrated compound Ca(3)Co(2)O(6) are investigated. The steplike magnetocapacitance effect is observed and one to one corresponds to the steplike magnetization. We explain this phenomenon from the spin configuration dependent dielectric response. The simulation results using the Monte Carlo method are in good agreement with experimental data at low temperature. The close correspondence between the magnetic and dielectric properties indicates that the coupling is the intrinsic character of Ca(3)Co(2)O. The steplike magnetocapacitance effect may find potential applications in data storage and sensors. (C) 2008 American Institute of Physics.</p>