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Ferroelectric and magnetoelectric behaviors of multiferroic BiFeO3 and piezoelectric-magnetostrictive composites
Article in journal
J. -M. Liu, Feng Gao, G. L. Yuan, Y. Wang, M. Zeng, J. G. Wan
Publication Year
Journal of Electroceramics, 2008, (21)1-4, 78-84
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<p>In this paper we overview our recent work on ferroelectric and magnetoelectric coupling behaviors of multiferroic doped BiFeO3 (BFO) and piezoelectric-magnetostrictive composites. Using rapid liquid sintering method we prepare single-phase BFO ceramics of excellent ferroelectric property. The BFO thin films on Pt-coated silicon wafers by pulsed laser deposition show large remnant polarization but serious ferroelectric switching fatigue. A series of piezoelectric-magnetostrictive composite structures in bulk and thin film forms are prepared and giant magnetoelectric coupling effect of them is observed. The experimentally measured results are confirmed by numerical modeling based on piezoelectric and magnetostrictive constitution equations.</p>