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Self-Assembled Core-Shell Polymer Dielectric Prepared by Solution Casting Process
Article in journal
Kai Chen, Rui Guo, Chunguang Ma, Tingyang Dai, Sunjie Ye, Yun Lu, Feng Gao, Jinsong Zhu, Wei Jiang
Publication Year
Integrated Ferroelectrics, 2009, (113), 1-8
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<p>Giant permittivity at 1 MHz, which slightly changes with temperatures, is observed in a polymer composite. The dielectric spectroscopy demonstrates that the samples are electrically heterogeneous. The microstructure observation and the ingredient analysis evidence they self assemble the conducting cores surrounded by the insulating shells. The giant-dielectric phenomenon is therefore attributed to the percolation effect. The electrically heterogeneous microstructure with effective permittivity values about 10 000 can be fabricated by a simple solution casting process in air. The composite is an attractive option to the currently used printing dielectric and the future flexible electronics.</p>