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Room-temperature multiferroic properties in NiBi2O4
Article in journal
Kai Chen, Feng Gao, Weiwei Lin, Hongling Cai, Guolin Li, Xingwei Dong, Song Peng, Xiaoshan Wu, Mao Yang, Jun Du, Xiaomei Lu, Junming Liu, Jinsong Zhu
Publication Year
Europhysics letters, 2010, (89)2,
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<p>Magnetism and ferroelectricity at room temperature are observed in the NiBi2O4 ceramics. Both the time reversal and the inversion symmetry of the structure (space group F-43m) are broken. The saturation magnetization is 0.028 emu/g and the saturation polarization 2P(s) similar to 4.0 mu C/cm(2). NiBi2O4 also shows other room-temperature multiferroic properties, e. g. the piezoelectric coefficient (d(33)), the polarized dielectric character, the magneto-dielectric response and the magnetoelectric effect. Copyright (C) EPLA, 2010</p>