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Conjugated Zwitterionic Polyelectrolyte as the Charge Injection Layer for High-Performance Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes
Article in journal
Junfeng Fang, Bodo H. Wallikewitz, Feng Gao, Guoli Tu, Christian Mueller, Giuseppina Pace, Richard H. Friend, Wilhelm T. S. Huck
Publication Year
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2011, (133)4, 683-685
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<p>A new zwitterionic conjugated polyelectrolyte without free counterions has been used as an electron injection material in polymer light-emitting diodes. Both the efficiency and maximum brightness were considerably improved in comparison with standard Ca cathode devices. The devices showed very fast response times, indicating that the improved performance is, in addition to hole blocking, due to dipoles at the cathode interface, which facilitate electron injection.</p>