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Trap-Induced Losses in Hybrid Photovoltaics
Article in journal
Feng Gao, Zhe Li, Jianpu Wang, Akshay Rao, Ian A. Howard, Agnese Abrusci, Sylvain Massip, Christopher R. McNeill, Neil C. Greenham
Publication Year
ACS Nano, 2014, (8)4, 3213-3221
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<p>We investigate the loss mechanisms in hybrid photovoltaics based on blends of poly(3-hexylthiophene) with CdSe nanocrystals of various sizes. By combining the spectroscopic and electrical measurements on working devices as well as films, we identify that high trap-mediated recombination is responsible for the loss of photogenerated charge carriers in devices with small nanocrystals. In addition, we demonstrate that the reduced open-circuit voltage for devices with small nanocrystals is also caused by the traps.</p>