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Characterization and properties of a new amorphous small-molecule material containing both donor and acceptor moieties for photovoltaic application
Article in journal
Yang ZHAO, Feng-ling ZHANG, Ming ZHANG, Yu-guang MA
Publication Year
Chemical Research in Chinese Universities, 2013, (29)6, 1193-1198
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<p>A new amorphous small-molecule material, in which the electron-donating carbazole units are connected to the backbone by flexible side chains, has been synthesized and utilised in the photovoltaic(PV) field. This material exhibits the amorphous feature, higher thermal stability and good film forming ability. The influence of the heat-treatment on the morphology and the performance of PV devices were studied. Eventually, a relatively high photovoltaic conversion efficiency was achieved. At the same time, the PV device displayed an ideal open-circuit voltage(over 1 V) which is very close to the upper limit of its theoretical value.</p>