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We focus mainly on research material generated at Linköping University and the Linköping County Hospital (e.g. Ph.D. theses, research articles, undergraduate theses). At LiU E-Press you will find publications available in full text, free to download. You will also find abstracts and links to the original source of a large amount of the research that is conducted at Linköping University.

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Konstantin Economou Anna Olaison Andrzej Szalas Evalotte Mörelius Maria Liljeroos Susanna Agren Peter Ullgren Staffan Nilsson Olle Kordina Erik Janzén Xianjie Liu Vitalij A. Tjatyrko Henrik Kock Andreas Wallo Maria Wolmesjö Anna Strömberg Anthony Turner Karin Kjellgren David Ludvigsson Niklas Carlsson Mattias Hjerpe Agneta Gulz Annika Silvervarg Karin Wårdell Göran Salerud Jenny Walldén Thomas Lunner Johnny Ludvigsson Mazhar Ali Abbasi Omer Nour Mushtaque Hussain Björn Lyxell Bo Ebenman Jan Ernerudh Tiny Jaarsma Zafar Hussain Ibupoto Jerker Rönnberg Magnus Willander Claes Lundström Valerio Beni

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wireless hard rendering demand concepts flow thickness limited heat failure few behavior cells water control resistance insulin glucose stress people blood treatment women stage algorithm edge knowledge city planning sustainable imaging parts supply system population respectively model health power risk pattern surgery symptoms environment patients clinical disease development relationship following relationships strategy service especially education politeness learning english children efficient overall energy quality consumption traffic social literature devices temperature sensitivity film cutting wear airfoils biofuel tasks biomass shippers logistics chain

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