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Web Browser
    Mac Users
    Log in to DiVA from Computers with Windows 7 and IE8
File Formats
Acrobat Reader
PostScript Reader
Special Characters

Web Browser

Always make sure you have the latest version of your web browser installed on your computer.The pages are best viewed with a screen resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels or higher.

Mac Users

Our publishing system DiVA uses Java/Javascript. The Web browsers Safari in Mac computers and Google Chrome does not interpret the scripts correctly. Some of the fields in the web form in DiVA may therefore not be shown. Use instead Mozilla Firefox, MSN Internet Explorer or Opera.

Log in to DiVA from computers with Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8

Some users with computers with Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8 installed cannot log in to DiVA. There are two solutions to the problem. Try them in the order they are listed below:

  1. Add the DiVA Portal https://* and http://* as trustable site in Internet Explorer. Select Tools => Internet Options Security => Security => Trusted sites => Sites and add the link above.
  2. Select Tools => Internet Options and click the button Delete... Empty the check boxes so only the two boxes shown in the image below, are filled in.

Internet Options.

File Formats

Pdf and PostScript Files

LiU E-Press uses the most common file formats for web publishing such as PostScript, PDF (Portable Document Format) and HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language).

Sound Files

LiU E-Press also publish sound files. We prefer the MPEG format, Moving Pictures Expert Group, which is a standard for compressing data like video and stereo sound.
   You need a software installed on your computer which can play MP3 and MPEG4 files and, of course, loud speakers connected to the computer. Most computer platforms have free software for MP3 and MPEG4 files.

Video Files

We use different file format for presenting of videos: .flv (Flash Video File, Flash Player require a software installation and the video plays in a separate window), .mov (Apple QuickTime Movie must be installed on your computer) and .mpg (MPEG Video File can be played in Windows Media Player or Real Player).

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Acrobat Reader

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a presentation format for documents that preserves their layout in a platform independent way. The program Acrobat Reader is required in order to read a pdf file. The program is free of charge and can be downloaded from Adobe. Click on the icon below to get Acrobat Reader:

Acrobat Reader

If your present Acrobat Reader has difficulties reading a pdf file published at you probably need to update to a new version of Acrobat Reader.

PostScript Reader

To be able to read PostScript-documents, you need a PS-viewer. There are a couple of them for the different computer systems (for LINUX the viewer is built in):

GSView for PC
MacGhostView for Mac
Ghostview for UNIX

Special and National Characters

Text in html-files, such as abstracts presented on, can sometimes contain special or national characters, e.g. Greek. The Greek characters are used as symbols in scientific and technical works especially as mathematical operators (Σ, Ω, π or μ). Other characters such as arrows, currency symbols (€, £, $ and ¥) and accented letters (á, ç, è, ñ, ô and ü) may also occur (if the letters in brackets are unreadable on your computer you probably need to update your web browser or/and download an extended character set). All characters on should be presented properly by your web browser if you have the latest version of your web browser installed.