Publish Student Theses at Linköping University

Vice Chancellor Decree

In September 2005 LiU Vice Chancellor decided that Student Thesis produced at Linköping University should be published electronically if there are not copyright violations involved. Normally there are no copyright problems unless the work is confidential.

Registration in the Library Catalogue

The University Library Management has decided that printed copies of student theses no longer will be registered in the library catalogue from January the 1st 2013 for several reasons:

  • the printed copies requires a lot of manually handling, is very time consuming and labour intensive work for the library staff ,
  • there is a considerable wearing of the printed copies and when the copies is worn-out there is a great risk they disappear completely,
  • many of the printed copies simply disappear from the collection due to theft,
  • the electronic publishing might mean quality improvement of the works,
  • electronically published thesis will be more visible and available for other students and colleges and Universities,
  • it is very good concerning the environmental aspect.

All student thesis are eliminated from the collections and removed from the Library Catalogue. Student Theses published electronically are seachrable via the publishing system Digitala Vetenskapliga Arkivet, DiVA.

Correct Version of Your Thesis

Important! Before you publish electronically make sure the electronic version of your thesis is identical to the printed version before publishing it on the Internet. Ask the printing office for a copy of the original pdf file with your thesis. If you have found some errors in the electronic version our policy PDF is not to switch, make corrections or delete theses already published on the Internet. Never publish your thesis before you have printed it (for those departments which still print their theses).

Title Page and ISRN

Your thesis must have a first page, a title page, containing the title of the work, author(s) and, in existing cases, also the name of the department, education programme/subject field, ISRN and tutor. What the title page should contain may various at the departments. Never publish your thesis electronically without a title page.

ISRN (International Standard Report Number) is no longer mandatory for your thesis. The department decides whether an ISRN should be included or not. If it is inclided you'll receive the ISRN number from the responsible administrator at your department.

Library Information Sheet and Copyright Page

Template for Dokumentmallar Library Information Sheet (if the department require a library information sheet to be included in the thesis). You can fill in directly in the template, save it on your computer with a new name and then add it in your thesis or print it out.

Copyright page Dokumentmallar to be included in the thesis (if the department require a copyright page).


As a student you own the copyright to your work according to Swedish copyright law. It is not the University, the department or the supervisor who owns the copyright but you as the author.

You must, as an author, also respect Swedish and foreign copyright laws. This means that you can not use photographs, diagram, tables, maps, drawings, work of arts, collages etc. collected from the Internet, books, articles, newspapers, magazines etc. without the permission from the copyright holder. It is allowed to quote short pieces of text in your work. Full reference to the original source must be given i.e. from where you have collected the quote and also very clearly show that it is a quote by putting the text in italic, make indentions or by using quotation marks. As for photographs the photographers name and the year when the photograph was taken (if available) must always be stated. See also the tab Photos, Figures, Art etc.

If you have used the Internet as a source or refer to a page on the Internet it is very important to be critical and accurate with the sources.

Student Theses at a Company

If you cooperate with a company, it is very important in advance clear out the copyright with the company so you can publish your work electronically without violenting the copyright. If the company require a signed agreement, let a legal expert read the agreement before signing it.

Be very careful not to sign over the copyright of your student thesis to the company. If you do, you might perhaps not be able to use your own figures, tables or other data I future work without the permission from the company.

If your thesis will contain information/data which is confidential because of business economic or research or patent reasons always clear out with the company the conditions how to use it in the thesis. I could cause some problem about the copyright and the company might require that your thesis must be confidential which means that you can't publish it electronically nor print and spread it. It is important to be sure your thesis will not be confidential. Several departments strongly advise not to make the thesis confidential.

Consult with your supervisor if you are uncertain what to do.

More information about Copyright is available on your Copyright Page.

Since you own the copyright of your thesis you must sign an agreement to allow electronic publishing before you publish your thesis on the Internet. The agreement is available at the student office at your department or you can download it from our home page publishing agreements PDF. Fill in all bibliographic information directly on the screen, print out, sign and send the agreement to your department.

The thesis must be converted to a pdf file. In MS Office is a function to create pdf files built in the programme. In OpenOffice it is possible to export to a pdf file. If you do not have access to the programme Adobe Acrobat (not Acrobat Reader which is used for only reading pdf documents) there are several free programmes available.

You may also create the pdf file via Adobe Acrobat homepage. Note: You download free ware at your own risk. Make sure you have an anti virus program to protect your computer! In the Public Computer Rooms at the University there are computers with programmes for converting your thesis to a pdf file. Computer rooms are also available in Campus Norrköping library.
Information how to create a pdf file can also be found at LiU-Tryck.


If you use FrameMaker there is a built in function in the programme in order to create a pdf file. Choose Save as/Spara som and then Save Document/Spara dokument and under format choose PDF.


The packet hyperref is strongly recommended since PDF-bookmarks are created and table of contents, cross-references and references will be clickable. Use \usepackage{hyperref} (if you use ps2pdf according to the instructions below instead use \usepackage[ps2pdf]{hyperref}).

In order to create a PDF from your LaTeX-document you may use one of several methods:

  • Use pdflatex.

    The procedure is done in one step: pdflatex fil.tex, but a possible disadvantage is that your figures must be in pdf-format.

  • Use latex dvips and ps2pdf.

    This is a process in several steps: latex file.tex, dvips -Ppdf fil.dvi and ps2pdf The figures can be in EPS-format.

  • Use latex dvips and Acrobat Distiller.

    This is also a process in several steps: latex fil.tex, dvips -Ppdf fil.dvi, use Distiller on Acrobat Distiller must be of least version 4.0, or you may else loose some characters when you convert the file especially the minus sign may disappear. Read more about it at TeX FAQ about Acrobat Distiller.

The PDF, from the last two procedures may appear blurry in Acrobat Reader (if the version is less than 6.0), and this may be caused by three things:

  • You have forgotten to give the switch -Ppdf till dvips (do that).
  • You have used \usepackage[T1]{fontenc}, in order to get Swedish hyphenation.

    Change the font to some other of Computer Modern (TeX default font), by adding \usepackage{lmodern} or \usepackage{cm-super}. Or why not change to Times with \usepackage{times}.

  • You have a an outdated ps2pdf or an outdated dvips.

    Upgrade GhostScript, which contains ps2pdf, to at least v6.50.
    Upgrade dvips to at least v5.90.

For further information see also TeX FAQ about generating PDF or more general TeX FAQ.

Note: Several of the fields in the web form are mandatory. They are market with a red asterisk (*). If information is missing in a mandatory field a message will show telling what field it is.
  1. Login to the electronic publishing system using your student email account and fill in the web form by following the instructions below.
  2. Fill in First and Family name. If there are more than one author all authors must be filled in (Click the button Another author to open a new section)
  3. Click on the the text Choose organisation in the In the field Department, unit or programme. Click on the plus sign in front of
    Linköping University in order to list all departments (see figure 1 below) and the plus sign in front of the department name to list all sub departments (see figure 2 below). Choose subdepartment by clicking on its name (departments are automatically connected with the subdepartment but not shown, see figure 3 below; the only exceptions are CMIV, HELIX and REMESO for which you will need to choose the department as well).

    Figure 1.
    Click on the plus sign for a
    list of the departments.

    DiVA Sub Department
    Figure 2. List of Subdepartment.

    DiVA Affiliation
    Figure 3. Subdepartment and Faculty.

  4. In the field Local User Id fill in your LiU-ID which should contain five letters and three digits i.e. petbe123.
  5. Fill in your e-mail address in the field for e-mail address. When you send the filled in post you will get a message from the system that you have sent in the post for publishing. The administrator at your department will then check the post, approve it and then publish it electronically. Then you get another mail informing you that the post is now available on the Internet.
  6. Mark External cooperation (a new field is shown) and fill in external cooperation partner i.e. a company or private, municipal or governmental institution etc.
  7. Fill in the Student thesis title: Main title and subtitle (the latter if available). If the title is separated with a colon or a hyphen the text after the colon or hyphen should be added in the field Subtitle and colon and hyphen removed from the title. State the language the thesis is written in and if the title is available in another language write the title in the field Alternative title.
  8. Choose the level of the thesis.
  9. Choose the University credits.
  10. Choose subject/course from the list. If you are uncertain of what subject/course it is, ask your student administrator at the department.
  11. Fill in Year and Number of pages (the last numbered page in the thesis).
  12. Fill in ISRN in the field ISRN. ISRN is not mandatory but if you have an ISRN it should be filled in. You get the ISRN from the student administrator at your department.
  13. From the list add National subject category. If the field is left blank the Thesis will not be transferred to Uppsök and
  14. Fill in keywords and abstract. This information makes your Thesis more searchable and with that more visible via Google.
  15. If possible fill also in Supervisor, Tutor and Presentation.
  16. Click on the button Continue.
  17. Click on the button Browse, find your Thesis. Upload the document file (PDF format) and finish by clicking the button Continue (if the file is in another format than pdf the download of the file will not work).
  18. When you are satisfied with the result and would like to publish your thesis, click the button Submit. Your thesis will now be sent for verifying/reviewing by the responsible administrator at your department. Note! Do not upload the pdf file with your thesis before you have proof-read it or before you have printed the thesis (if the thesis is printed, we do not replace files afterwards).
  19. If you would like to include the URL-link to the electronic version of your thesis in the pdf file go to the page Get URL to your thesis.
  20. When you have completed all the steps correctly, a message is shown on your screen to confirm that your thesis has been sent to be verified by the responsible administrator at your department. If your work is not published within 14 days, contact your department for help. If the department cannot help you contact LiU E-Press.
  21. Login to the electronic publishing system using your student email account and fill in the web form by following the instructions above.
  • Do not fill in the following fields in the web form:
    Research group
    Other series
    URL label
    Part of project

Document template

We have also made some document templates which might help you in your report writing. The template is in A4 format but the printing shop will scale down to correct format before printing. See LiU Tryck homepage for more information.

Formatting text in the web form

In the web form it is possible to format the text with the help of the toolbar, shown below. The toolbar is visible when placing the cursor in some of the fields Main title, Sub title and Abstract (Figure 1 below).

Formatting text

The formatting works just about as in Word with bold, italic, superscript, subscript characters, punctual list or numeric list.

Hidden characters

In order to avoid that hidden characters are transferred to the web form when copying and pasting text from Word or a pdf file, use the tools within the blue frame (Figure 1 above). It is possible to magnify the text by clicking the icon which looks like a screen (left in the red frame). If one copies a text from a pdf file the line breaks may be shown wrongly like the example below:

Före och efter 1734 års strafflag fanns det i princip två slag av straff
i Sverige: böter
och dödsstraff. Fängelse och kroppsstraff var omvandlingsstraff av
böterna. Kunde
den dömde inte betala böterna fick denne antingen spöstraff eller sitta
av straffet på vatten och bröd.

Hidden line breaks were included in the text above when copied from the original document. Use the tool for pasting the text (with a T in blue frame). These hidden characters can also easily be removed by clicking on the icon which looks like a brush (to the right in red frame) or paste the text in a text editor like Notepad or corresponding editor. Check the text that no blank space has disappeared between words.

Special and Scientific Characters

I the web form it is possible to insert special and scientific characters and forms. Click on the sign Ω in order to insert different scientific characters. The sign Σ opens a dialogue box for creating formulas which can be pasted in the abstract field.

Sometimes everything does not work as planned and technological problems arise.

If your user name and password (which is the same as your LiU ID) do not work, contact the LiU-IT helpdesk.

Do not re-register the publication if you got problems, LiU E-Press instead and we will solve the problem together.