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Journal Articles

Vasilis Galis, Anders Hansson
  Partisan Scholarship in Technoscientific Controversies Reflections on Research Experience
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  Science as Culture, 2012, 21( 3), 335-364.

Vasilis Galis, Per Gyberg
  Energy behaviour as a collectif The case of Colonia: student dormitories at a Swedish university
    See publication details at: liu
  Energy Efficiency, 2011, 4( 2), 303-319.

Mikael Ottosson, Vasilis Galis
  Multiplicity justifies corporate strategy : The case of Stora Enso, 1990-2008
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  Journal of Cultural Economy, 2011, 4( 4), 455-475.

Conference Articles

Mikael Ottosson, Vasilis Galis, Jonas Anshelm
  Configuring the industrial collective: : A controversy on the use of Swedish forests, 1989–2009
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  Paper presented at the 27th EGOS Colloquium Gothenburg 2011 : Sub-theme 17: Markets Inside the Ecological Revolution., 2011.

Vasilis Galis, Per Gyberg
  Energy behavior as a collectif : The case of Colonia student dorms at the university of Linköping
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  4S-EASST Meeting  Rotterdam, the Netherlands, August 20-23 2008 : Acting with Science, Technology and Medicine, 2008.

Per Gyberg, Vasilis Galis, Jenny Palm
  Hushållens energibeteende - en arena för förändring
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  Energianvändning i vardagen idag och i framtiden,2007, 2007.


Vasilis Galis, Per Gyberg, Jenny Palm
  Hushållens energibeteende - en forskningsöversikt och metodgenomgång
    See publication details at: liu
  Tema-T arbetsnotat,; 322, 2008.

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