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Journal Articles

Mårten Larsson, Martin Görling, Per Alvfors
  Bio-methane upgrading of pyrolysis gas from charcoal production
    See publication details at: kth
  Energy Conversion and Management, 2013, 3( ), 66-73.

Martin Görling, Mårten Larsson, Per Alvfors
  Bio-methane via fast pyrolysis of biomass
    See publication details at: kth
  Applied Energy, 2013, 112( SI), 440-447.

Farzad Mohseni, Mimmi Magnusson, Martin Görling, Per Alvfors
  Biogas from renewable electricity : Increasing a climate neutral fuel supply
    See publication details at: kth
  Applied Energy, 2012, 90( 1), 11-16.

Conference Articles

Mimmi Magnusson, Farazad Mohseni, Martin Görling, Per Alvfors
  Introducing Renewable Electricity to increase Biogas Production Potential
    See publication details at: kth
  International Conference on Applied Energy 2010, 2010.

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