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Maria Johansson, Mats Söderström
  Electricity generation from low-temperature industrial excess heat—an opportunity for the steel industry
    See publication details at: liu, hig
  Energy Efficiency, 2014, 7( 2), 203-215.

Jean-Christian Brunke, Maria Johansson, Patrik Thollander
  Empirical investigation of barriers and drivers to the adoption of energy conservation measures, energy management practices and energy services in the Swedish iron and steel industry
    See publication details at: liu, hig
  Journal of Cleaner Production, 2014, 84( ), 509-525.

Conference Articles

Maria Johansson, Magnus Karlsson
  Bio-SNG as fuel in steel industry heating furnaces : integration of a biomass gasifier with a steel plant
    See publication details at: liu
  Asia Steel International Conference 2012, 2012.

Maria Johansson, Mats Söderström
  Bio-syngas as fuel in the steel industrys heating furnaces : a case study on feasibility and CO2 mitigation effects
    See publication details at: liu, hig
  , 2011.

Hanna Ljungstedt, Daniella Johansson, Maria Johansson, Kersti Karltorp
  Options for increased use and refining of biomass the case of energy-intensive industry in Sweden
    See publication details at: liu
  Proceedings of the World Renewable Energy Congress 2011, May 8–13, Linköping, Sweden, 2011.


Daniella Johansson, Maria Johansson, Kersti Karltorp, Hanna Ljungstedt, Julia Schwabecker
  Pathways for Increased Use and Refining of Biomass in Swedish Energy-intensive Industry
    See publication details at: liu,
  Arbetsnotat / Program Energisystem,; 43, 2009.

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