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Journal Articles

Per Gyberg, Francis Lee
  The construction of facts : preconditions for meaning in teaching energy in Swedish classrooms
    See publication details at: liu
  International Journal of Science Education, 2010, 32( 9), 1173-1189.

Chapters in Books

Cecilia Åsberg, Martin Hultman, Francis Lee
  Posthumanistisk Ordlista
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  Posthumanistiska nyckeltexter, Lund : Studentlitteratur, 2012, 201-217.

Conference Articles

Francis Lee, Martin Hultman
  A Sociology Of Betrayal
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  , 2007.

Francis Lee, Martin Hultman
  Why not actor-network theory AND discourse theory? : a sketch of how actor-network theory (AND) discourse theory may enact the technopolitics of hydrogen society and correspondence education.
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  , 2006.

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