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Editors:Andreas Kerren, Stefan Seipel
Conference:Proceedings of SIGRAD 2012; Interactive Visual Analysis of Data; November 29-30; 2012; Växjö; Sweden
Publication type: Conference proceedings
Introduction:This year; we are happy to announce the 11th SIGRAD Conference Proceedings. For the first time; SIGRAD 2012; the annual conference of the Swedish Chapter of Eurographics; takes place in the Småland region of southern Sweden and is hosted by the Computer Science Department (ISOVIS Group) at Linnaeus University (LNU); Växjö.

SIGRAD 2012 is the premier Nordic forum for computer graphics and visualization advances for academia; government; and industry. As the years before; this annual event brings together researchers and practitioners with interest in techniques; tools; and technology from various fields; such as visualization; computer graphics; visual analytics; or human-computer interaction. In 2012; the conference solicits novel research ideas and innovative applications especially in the area of interactive visual analysis of complex data sets. Each paper in this conference proceedings was peer-reviewed by at least three reviewers from the international program committee consisting of 23 experts listed below. Based on this set of reviews; the conference co-chairs accepted 12 papers in total (seven full papers and five short papers) and compiled the final program.

Many have contributed to make the conference an enjoyable and beneficial experience. In particular; we would like to express our gratitude to the paper authors; the two invited speakers Alfred Inselberg and Frank van Ham as well as the industrial session speakers Nils Andersson (EON Development AB) and Robert Moberg (IBM Sweden). Without all those great people; this conference would not have been possible. Also; we would like to thank the international program committee as well as the auxiliary reviewers for their commitment and reviewing efforts. Finally; we thank our conference sponsors for generously supporting the conference.

Welcome to SIGRAD 2012. We hope that you enjoy the conference and that you have a great stay in Växjö; Sweden. Be inspired; share experiences; and bring home new fresh ideas.

Andreas Kerren and Stefan Seipel


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Invited Talks

Alfred Inselberg
Parallel Coordinates ... are better than they look!
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Frank van Ham
Re-inventing and Re-implementing the Wheel. Visualization Component Reuse in a Large Enterprise
[Abstract and Fulltext]


Vedran Sabol, Weng Onn Kow, Manuela Rauch, Eva Ulbrich, Christin Seifert, Michael Granitzer, Dickson Lukose
Visual Ontology Alignment System - An Evaluation
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Mohammad A. Kuhail, Soren Lauesen, Kostas Pantazos, Xu Shangjin
Usability Analysis of Custom Visualization Tools
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Stephen Ingram, Tamara Munzner
Glint: An MDS Framework for Costly Distance Functions
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Jürgen Bernard, Tobias Ruppert, Oliver Goroll, Thorsten May, Jörn Kohlhammer
Visual-Interactive Preprocessing of Time Series Data
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Saghi Hajisharif, Joel Kronander, Ehsan Miandji, Jonas Unger
Real-time Image Based Lighting with Streaming HDR-light Probe Sequences
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Ragaad AlTarawneh, Jens Bauer, Patric Keller, Achim Ebert, Peter Liggesmeyer
ESSAVis: A Framework to Visualize Safety Aspects in Embedded Systems
[Abstract and Fulltext]

A. Johannes Pretorius, Derek Magee, Darren Treanor, Roy A. Ruddle
Visual Parameter Optimization for Biomedical Image Analysis: A Case Study
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Short Papers

Morgan Ericsson, Anna Wingkvist, Welf Löwe
Visualization of Text Clones in Technical Documentation
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Christian Stab, Matthias Breyer, Dirk Burkhardt, Kawa Nazemi, Jörn Kohlhammer
Analytical Semantics Visualization for Discovering Latent Signals in Large Text Collections
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Björn Zimmer, Ilir Jusufi, Andreas Kerren
Analyzing Multiple Network Centralities with ViNCent
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Martin Luboschik, Christian Tominski, Arne T. Bittig, Adelinde M. Uhrmacher, Heidrun Schumann
Towards Interactive Visual Analysis of Microscopic-Level Simulation Data
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Josua Krause, Marc Spicker, Leonard Wörteler, Matthias Schäfer, Leishi Zhang, Hendrik Strobelt
Interactive Visualization for Real-time Public Transport Journey Planning
[Abstract and Fulltext]

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Series:Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings
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Publisher:Linköping University Electronic Press; Linköpings universitet

Andreas Kerren, Stefan Seipel (2012). Proceedings of SIGRAD 2012; Interactive Visual Analysis of Data; November 29-30; 2012; Växjö; Sweden (2/11/2016)