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Editors:Thomas Ginner, Jonas Hallström, Magnus Hultén
Conference:PATT 26 Conference; Technology Education in the 21st Century; Stockholm; Sweden; 26-30 June; 2012
Publication type: Conference proceedings
Introduction:The PATT26 Conference in Stockholm; 26-30 June 2012; is part of a two-conference arrangement organized by the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH); Stockholm and The Centre for School Technology Education (CETIS); Linköpings universitet - and under the common heading Technology Education in the 21st Century.

The PATT conference will as usual focus on school technology education and teacher education. The target group for the other conference; organized by KTH; is teachers and others involved in engineering education primarily within KTH. Even if the main part of that conference will be in Swedish our ambition is to arrange common seminars and social events. You will find important information about the PATT26 conference under the links to the left.

Welcome to Stockholm in June!

Dr Thomas Ginner
Ass prof Jonas Hallström
The Centre for School Technology Education; CETIS; Linköpings universitet

Dr Magnus Hultén
The Royal Institute of Technology; KTH; Stockholm

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Colette Andreucci, M. Chatoney
Artifacts for all and for each; boys and girls in technology schoolbooks: some precaution for the 21st century
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Jan Ardies, Sven De Mæyer, Hanno van Keulen
Reconstructing the Pupils Attitude Towards Technology-Survey
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Martin Perrine, Hélène Cheneval-Armand
Prevention activity; design activity: to the emergence of creative design in the prevention of risks
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Stephanie Atkinson, Angela Sandwith
A Passion for Designing
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Penny Bailey
To what Extent does the Pedagogy adopted by Trainee Teachers affect Children’s Creativity in Primary Design and Technology Activities?
[Abstract and Fulltext]

David Barlex
Engaging design and technology trainee teachers with the nature of technology - a case study
[Abstract and Fulltext]

David Barlex, Martin Stevens
Making by printing - disruption inside and outside school?
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Dawne Bell
Perceptions of STEM; within the context of teaching DandT in secondary schools: A phenomenographically inspired study
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Clare Benson
The development of quality design and technology in English primary schools: issues and solutions
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Veronica Bjurulf
Hands-on material in technology education: the first cycle of a learning study
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Eva Björkholm
Exploring the capability of evaluating technical solutions: A collaborative study focusing on teaching and learning in the primary technology classroom
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Berit Bungum, Bjørn-Tore Esjeholm, Dag Atle Lysne
Technology and design as contexts for science and mathematics? An empirical study of the realisation of curriculum intentions in Norwegian schools
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Amanda Roberts, Diana Cantu
Applying STEM Instructional Strategies to Design and Technology Curriculum
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Donal Canty, Niall Seery, Pat Phelan
Democratic Consensus on Student Defined Assessment Criteria as a Catalyst for Learning in Technology Teacher Education
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Vicki Compton, Ange Compton, Moira Patterson
Reading Technological Artifacts: Does technology education help?
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Osnat Dagan, Asi Kuperman, David Mioduser
Technological thinking in the kindergarten - training the teaching-team
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Thomas Delahunty, Niall Seery, Raymond Lynch
The growing necessity for graphical competency
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Christine Edwards-Leis
Challenging learning journeys in the classroom: Using mental model theory to inform how pupils think when they are generating solutions
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Helene Elvstrand, Kristina Hellberg, Jonas Hallström
Technology and Gender in Early Childhood Education: How Girls and Boys Explore and Learn Technology in Free Play in Swedish Preschools
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Bjørn-Tore Esjeholm
The relation between students’ creativity and technological knowledge in crosscurricular technology and design projects
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Wendy Fox-Turnbull
Funds of Knowledge in Technology Education
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Michael Gaotlhobogwe
The Role Of Indigenous Knowledge Systems In Addressing The Problem Of Declining Enrolments In Design And Technology
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Jacques Ginestié
What can we hope of a technology education; which breaks off design to espouse science; mathematics and engineering?
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Alison Hardy, Jamie Tinney, Sarah Davies
Using e-portfolios to support trainee Design and Technology teachers in developing their subject knowledge
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Eva Hartell, Joakim Svärdh
Unboxing technology education part I - Starting point
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Gill Hope
Transformation by Design
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Åke Ingerman, Maria Svensson, Anders Berglund, Shirley Booth, Jonas Emanuelsson
Technological systems across contexts: Designing and exploring learning possibilities in Swedish compulsory echnology education
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Steve Keirl
Technology Education as ‘controversy celebrated’ in the cause of democratic education
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Nina Kilbrink
Theory and Practice in Technical Vocational Education: Pupils’; Teachers’ and Supervisors’ Experiences
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Marja-Ilona Koski, Marc de Vries
Primary pupils’ thoughts about systems. An exploratory study
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Tony Lawler, Alix McTaminey, Stephen de Brett, Annabel Lord
Design Mentoring and Designerly Attitudes
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Suzanne Lawson
Investigating pupils’ perceptions of their experience of food technology in the English secondary curriculum
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Keelin Leahy
Are we educating to promote studentsand#8217; creative capacities?: A study in Technology Education in Ireland
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Joël Lebeaume, William-Gabriel Perez
How do the Interactive White Board and the Radio Frequency Identification and tracking system work? Exploration of pupilsand#8217; spontaneous knowledge and didactical proposals for Technology Education
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Tomé Awshar Mapotse, Mishack Thiza Gumbo
Action Research study with Technology teachers in Limpopo Province of South Africa: an Emancipation recipe for Technology teachers
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Mike Martin
Values in design and technology education: Past; present and future
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Ruth Mateus-Berr, Wilfried Grossmann
Applied Design Thinking LAB Vienna: INTERACCT. Interdisciplinary Technology Education in the 21st Century
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Toshiki Matsuda, Shota Hirabayashi, Kazue Tamada
Design Principles of Instructional Materials for Cultivating Attitude and Ability to Utilize ICT while Considering Ethical Issues and Safety
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Matt McLain
The importance of technological activity and designing and making activity; a historical perspective
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Howard Middleton
Examining thinking in primary-level Design and Technology learning activities
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Louise Milne, Michael Forret
Parents as teachers: Using parent helpers to guide young children’s technological practice
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Ayako Mio, Toshiki Matsuda
Cultivating Problem-solving Ability by Utilizing Scientific Views and Ways of Thinking: Introducing Science Communication into Earthquake Disasters Game
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Christophe Moineau, Perrine Martin
Design teaching and industrial enterprises: a relevant relationship? An exploratory study of two didactic situations of design
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Gwyneth Owen-Jackson, Melanie Fasciato
Learning to teach design and technology in university or in school: is emerging teacher identity shaped by where you study?
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Moira Patterson, Jude Black, Vicki Compton, Ange Compton
Aspiring to be the Best: The impact of research on the teaching of technology
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Margarita Pavlova
Perception of Sustainable development and Education for Sustainable Development by African technology education academics
[Abstract and Fulltext]

John M. Ritz
Issues Confronting Technology Education: An International Perspective
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Marion Rutland, Gwyneth Owen-Jackson
Current classroom practice in the teaching of food technology: is it fit for purpose in the 21st Century?
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Paul Snape
Twenty-first century learning in the senior secondary school: a New Zealand teacher’s innovation
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Kay Stables
Designerly well-being: Can mainstream schooling offer a curriculum that provides a foundation for developing the lifelong design and technological capability of individuals and societies?
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Greg Strimel
Engineering by Design™: Preparing Students For the 21st Century
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Perrine Martin, Éric Tortochot
Learning to teach the design in technology education
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Gerald van Dijk, Maaike Hajer
Exploring the language of technology with student-teachers through genre pedagogy
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Tuomo Leponiemi, Sonja Virtanen, Aki Rasinen
Design and assessment in technology education - case: the “Birdhouse Band” project
[Abstract and Fulltext]

P John Williams, John Lockley
An Analysis of PCK to elaborate the difference between Scientific and Technological Knowledge
[Abstract and Fulltext]

P John Williams, Mishack Gumbo
Discovering Technology teachersand#8217; pedagogical content knowledge: A comparative study between South Africa and New Zealand
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Deborah Winn, Frank Banks
CAD and Creativity - A New Pedagogy
[Abstract and Fulltext]

No. of pages:495
ISBN (print):978-91-7519-849-1
Series:Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings
ISSN (print):1650-3686
ISSN (online):1650-3740
Publisher:Linköping University Electronic Press; Linköpings universitet

Thomas Ginner, Jonas Hallström, Magnus Hultén (2012). PATT 26 Conference; Technology Education in the 21st Century; Stockholm; Sweden; 26-30 June; 2012 (2/7/2016)