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Editors:Thomas Larßon, Lars Kjelldahl, Kai-Mikael Jää-Aro
Conference:Proceedings of SIGRAD 2011. Evaluations of Graphics and Visualization — Efficiency; Usefulness; Accessibility; Usability; November 17–18; 2011; KTH; Stockholm; Sweden
Publication type: Conference proceedings
Introduction:This year; we are happy to announce the 10th SIGRAD Conference Proceedings with peer-reviewed papers. The conference has been held annually since 1981; but in 2002 the SIGRAD conference shifted focus and become oriented towards publication of research papers. Since then; the conference has been hosted by universities located in Norrköping; Umeå; Gävle; Lund; Skövde; Uppsala; Stockholm; Göteborg; and Västerås.

This year the conference has returned back to KTH in Stockholm. As before; the conference aims at attracting researchers; engineers; developers; designer; teachers; and students across multiple disciplines; and to serve as a meeting place where you can learn and share ideas about some of the latest developments in computer graphics; visualization; and human-computer interaction. We are confident that the exciting presentations in this year’s program conform to these goals.

Many have contributed to make the conference an enjoyable and beneficial experience. In particular; we would like to express our gratitude to the paper authors and the keynote speakers; Daniel Weiskopf; Achim Ebert; and Jan Gulliksen; without whom this conference would not have been possible. Also; we would like to thank the international program committee for their engagement and reviewing efforts. Finally; we would also like to thank the School of Computer Science and Communication (CSC) and VIC Sthlm for generously supporting the conference.

Welcome to SIGRAD 2011; the annual conference of the Swedish chapter of Eurographics! Be inspired; share experiences; and bring home new fresh ideas.

The editors


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Daniel Weiskopf
Continuous Statistical Visualization —Where Information Visualization Meets Scientific Visualization

Achim Ebert
Think big! — Usability of large screen environments

Jan Gulliksen
Where do Visualization meet User-centred design? — Exploring the tension between innovative design ideas and user preferences and innovation


M. G. Chajdas, A. Weis, R. Westermann
Assisted Environment Map Probe Placement
[Abstract and Fulltext]

E. Miandijy, J. Kronander, J. Unger
Geometry Independent Surface Light Fields for Real Time Rendering of Precomputed Global Illumination
[Abstract and Fulltext]

S. Lindholm, J. Kronander
Accounting for Uncertainty in Medical Data: A CUDA Implementation of Normalized Convolution
[Abstract and Fulltext]

O. Daae Lampe, H. Hauser
Interactive Model Prototyping in Visualization Space
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Daniel Cernea, Andreas Kerren, Achim Ebert
Detecting Insight and Emotion in Visualization Applications with a Commercial EEG Headset
[Abstract and Fulltext]

P. Parsanezhad, U Ranhagen, Y. Ban
Towards an Integrated Web-based Visualization Tool: A Comparative Survey of Visualization Techniques for Enhancing Stakeholders’ Participation in Planning
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Gabriel Eilertsen, Per Larßon, Jonas Unger
A versatile material reflectance measurement system for use in production
[Abstract and Fulltext]

S. Seipel, P. Jenke
Quantification of gaseous structures with volumetric reconstruction from visual hulls
[Abstract and Fulltext]

A. Stork, S. Pena Serna, D. W. Fellner
Considerations toward a Dynamic Mesh Data Structure
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Short Papers

F. Ioakemidou, F. Ericson, J. Spühler, A. Olwal, J. Forßlund, J. Janßon, E-L. Sallnäs Pysander, J. Hoffman
Gestural 3D Interaction with a Beating Heart: Simulation; Visualization and Interaction
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Ali Alavi, Brice Clocher, Allen Smith, Andreas Kunz, Morten Fjeld
Multi-State Device Tracking for Tangible Tabletops
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Ulf Ranhagen, Yifang Ban, Pontus Jakobßon, Lars Kjelldahl
Visualization in ViSuCity; a tool for sustainable city planning
[Abstract and Fulltext]


B Akan, A. Ameri E, B. Çürüklü
Augmented Reality-based Industrial Robot Control

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ISBN (print):978-91-7393-008-6
Series:Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings
ISSN (print):1650-3686
ISSN (online):1650-3740
Publisher:Linköping University Electronic Press; Linköpings universitet

Thomas Larßon, Lars Kjelldahl, Kai-Mikael Jää-Aro (2011). Proceedings of SIGRAD 2011. Evaluations of Graphics and Visualization — Efficiency; Usefulness; Accessibility; Usability; November 17–18; 2011; KTH; Stockholm; Sweden (11/26/2015)