Editors:Su mi Dahlgaard-Park, Jens J. Dahlgaard
Conference:10th QMOD Conference. Quality Management and Organiqatinal Development. Our Dreams of Excellence; 18-20 June; 2007 in Helsingborg; Sweden
Publication type: Conference proceedings


Monday 18 June

Plenary Session 1

Evert Gummesson
Quality in the Value-Creating Network Society
[Full text not available]

Conti Tito A.
The History of the European Quality Award Model - A Critical Analysis of its Strengths and Limits
[Full text not available]

Parallel Sessions 1A

Session Chair: Dr. Bo Bergman (Sweden)
Reliability; Countermeasures; Quality Excellence; Robust Design

H.-A. Crostack, Robert Refflinghaus, Nadine Schlüter
Quality excellence by simulation - An approach in the field of Failure Management
[Full text not available]

Åke Lönnqvist
Evolution of Reliability thinking Countermeasures for some technical issues
[Full text not available]

Martin Arvidsson, Ida Gremyr, Torben Hasenkamp
An Operationalization of Robust Design Methodology
[Full text not available]

Pär Johannesson, Thomas Svensson, Leif Samuelsson
Probabilistic Variation Mode and Effect Analysis
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Parallel Sessions 1B

Session Chairs: Dr. Sergey A. Stepanov and Dr. Sergey O. Shaposhnikov (Russia)
Regional Networks; Territorial Systems; Culture Difficulties; Benchmarking

Yoshiki Amamoto, Tomoo Kayaba, Kazuhiko Mori, Motohisa Ono
A Regional Industry Promotion Project
[Full text not available]

Parallel Sessions 1B

Session Chairs: Dr. Sergey A. Stepanov and Dr. Sergey O. Shaposhnikov (Russia)
Regional Networks; Territorial Systems; Culture Difficulties; Benchmarking

Bruno Grancelli
Relocation of Production and Knowledge in the Territorial Systems of Third Italy: Firm Strategies; Absorptive Capacity and Innovation Processes
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Latifa Al-Ghatam
Difficulties Facing Arab Service Sector Organisations in Merging TQM in their Culture
[Full text not available]

Walid Zaramdini
Benchmarking Quality-Promoting Organizations
[Full text not available]

Parallel Sessions 1C

Session Chairs: Dr. Choon B. Yoo (Korea) and Dr. Juozas Ruzevicius (Lithuania)
Quality in Health Care

Noor Hazilah Abd Manaf, Phang Siew Nooi
Patient Satisfaction as an Indicator of Service Quality in Malaysian Public Hospitals
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Yvonne Lagrosen, Ingela Bäckström
Developing a Measurement System for Health-Related Quality Management
[Full text not available]

Andreas Hellström, Henrik Eriksson
Are You Viewing; Mapping or Managing Your Processes?
[Full text not available]

Alexander Komashie, Ali Mousavi, Justin Gore
A Review of Historical Developments of Quality Assessment in Industry and Healthcare
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Parallel Sessions 1D

Session Chairs: Dr. Check Teck Foo (Singapore) and Dr. Milan Hutyra (Czech Republic)
Stakeholder Focus; Values; New Paradigms

Åsa Wreder, Peter Johansson, Rickard Garvare
Towards a Stakeholder Methodology - Experiences from Public Eldercare
[Full text not available]

Mikael Johnson
Stakeholder Dialogue on Quality and Value Creation for a Sustainable Public Service
[Full text not available]

Donald K. Gates, Peter Steane
The Theology of Values in Policy Making
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Clas Mellby
Sciences of the Artificial; Artifacts and Quality Sciences
[Full text not available]

Parallel Sessions 1E

Session Chairs: Dr. Jörgen Eklund (Sweden) and Dr. Tom Childs (UK)
Kansei Engineering 1

Shigekazu Ishihara, Toshio Tsuchiya, Mitsuo Nagamachi, Keiko Ishihara, Tatsuo Nishino
Kansei Engineering System as a Catalyst
[Full text not available]

Antonio Lanzotti, Pietro Tarantino
Kansei Engineering Approach for Identifying “Total Quality” Elements
[Full text not available]

Simon Schütte, Rilda Schütte
Collecting Data for Kansei Engineering Studies
[Full text not available]

Tatsuo Nishino, Mitsuo Nagamachi, Hiroyasu Okuo, Takashi Itami
Rough Set Model and its Application to Kansei Engineering
[Full text not available]

Tuesday June 19 June

Parallel Sessions 2a

Session Chair: Dr. Jens J. Dahlgaard (Sweden)

Lars Aagaard
European Excellence Award 2006 Learning by Doing
[Full text not available]

Palle Juliussen
The Journey Towards Excellence
[Full text not available]

Parallel Sessions 2b

Session Chair: Dr. Klaus Zink (Germany)

Mitsuo Nagamachi
Perspectives and New Trend of Kansei / Affective Engineering
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Robert E Cole, Tsuyoshi Matsumiya
When Pursuing Quality Risks Innovation
[Full text not available]

Parallel Sessions 2A

Session Chairs: Dr. J. Falkheimer and Dr. Mats Heide (Sweden)
Supply Change Management; Dream Production; Strategy; Risks

Check Teck Foo
Organizing Dreams: Exploring Futuristic Manufacturing Perspectives
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Ulf Johansson, Åsa Thelander
A Standardised Approach to the World? Ikea in China
[Full text not available]

Christian Kowalkowski, Per-Olof Brehmer
Technology as a Driver for Changing Customer-Provider Interfaces in Industrial Service Production
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Roy Andersson, Tina Ottosson
A Case Study
[Full text not available]

Parallel Sessions 2B

Session Chair: Dr. Bo Bergman (Sweden)
Quality Improvement in Health Care; Change Management

Andy Maun, Svante Lifvergren, Bo Bergman, Richard Lenz
Searching for Possibilities to Reduce Harm to Patients in Medical Treatment
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Svante Lifvergren, Alexander Chakhunashvili, Bo Bergman
Improving Warfarin Treatment
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Svante Lifvergren, Alexander Chakhunashvili, Bo Bergman
A Large Scale Six Sigma Program at the Hospital Group of Skaraborg
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Niels Gørup Christiansen
Changes that Succeed
[Full text not available]

A. K. Jain, Balvi Talwar
Excellence Journey of BHEL Haridwar - The Past; Present and Future
[Full text not available]

Parallel Sessions 2C

Session Chairs: Dr. George Bohoris (Greece) and Dr. Fumiyoshi Miyashita (Japan)
Ethical Behavior; Excellence in Government; Action Science; Distribution Chain Traceability

Claudio Baccarani
What Does Ethical Behaviour Mean in Management Activities?
[Full text not available]

Mark von Weber, O. McAfee
Excellence in Government
[Full text not available]

Sari Scheinberg, Sverker Alänge
Action Science
[Full text not available]

Björn Kvarnström
Developing Distribution Chain Traceability in Continuous Processes
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Parallel Sessions 2D

Ssession Chairs: Dr. Lars Witell (Sweden) and Dr. Harry Bouwman (Netherland)
Motivation; Ergonomic Design; Job Satisfaction; Performance

Karin Schön
Six Sigma and Work Satisfaction Consequences
[Full text not available]

Kazutada Takeda
Three Motivations on Antarctica in 1911-1912
[Full text not available]

Mesut Kumru, P?nar K?hcogullar?
Process Improvement through Ergonomic Design in Welding Shop of an Automotive Factory
[Full text not available]

Enrico Ciavolino
Modelling GME and PLS Estimation Methods for Evaluating the Job Satisfaction in the Public Sector
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Enrico Ciavolino, Jens J. Dahlgaard
Generalized Maximum Entropy Estimation Method for Studying the Effect of the Management’s Factors on the Enterprise Performances
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Parallel Sessions 2E

Session Chairs: Dr. Anders Warell (N. Zealand) and Dr. Toshio Tsuchiya (Japan)
Kansei Engineering 2

Ricardo Hirata Okamoto, Tatsuo Nishino, Mitsuo Nagamachi
Comparison between Statistical and Lower / Upper Approximations Rough Sets Models for Beer Can Design and Prototype Evaluation
[Full text not available]

Ebru Alikalfa, Jörgen Eklund, Mattias Elg
Affective Engineering Design of Waiting Areas in Swedish Health Centers
[Full text not available]

Shirley Coleman, Kathryn Smith
Data Mining Sales Data as a Pre-Cursor for Kansei Engineering
[Full text not available]

Stéphanie Cardoso
The Development of the Affective Value in the Entertaining Interaction
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Brian Henson, Cathy Barnes, Vassilis Agouridas, Tom Childs
Towards a Process for Synthesising Affective Surface Textures
[Full text not available]

Parallel Sessions 3A

Session Chairs: Dr. Bo Edvardsson and Dr. Per-Olof Brehmer (Sweden)
TQM Models; Principles; Tools; Competitive Intelligence

Juhani Anttila
New Principles; Tools; and Infrastructures for Quality Management in Modern Changed Business Environments
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Åsa Rönnbäck, Lars Witell
The impact of quality management principles on business performance - A Comparison Between Manufacturing and Service Organisations
[Full text not available]

Magnus Svensson, Peter Söderholm
A Holistic Model of Quality and Production
[Full text not available]

Nelson Santos António, António Teixeira
Strategy; Quality Management and Competitive Intelligence
[Full text not available]

Parallel Sessions 3B

Session Chairs: Dr. Ulf Johansson and Dr. Åsa Thelander (Sweden)
Service Quality: Customer Focus; Measurements; Improvements; Attractive Quality Creation

Lars Witell, Martin Löfgren, Anders Gustafsson
Attractive Quality Creation through Customer Idea Generation
[Full text not available]

Alex Douglas, Jacqueline Douglas, John Davies
The Impact of Mystery Customers on Employees
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Magnus Svensson, Håkan Wiklund
The Usage of the Customer Concept in the Service Sector
[Full text not available]

Parallel Sessions 3C

Session Chairs: Dr. Mattias Elg and Dr. Rickard Garvare (Sweden)
Product Development; Risk Management; Business Information Quality Assessment; Quality Managers in Greece

Johan Lilja, Maria Eriksson, Pernilla Ingelsson
Commercial Experiences from a Customer Perspective
[Full text not available]

Ralf Woll
Management in Product Development Projects-Potentialities and Starting Points for Application of Risk Management
[Full text not available]

Niels Gørup Christiansen
[Full text not available]

Juozas Ruzevicius
Peculiarities of the Business Information Quality Assessment
[Full text not available]

Vouzas Fotis, Katerina Gotzamani, Christos Emmanouilides
Investigating the Current Status and Role of Quality Managers in Greece
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Parallel Sessions 3D

Session Chairs: Dr. Mansoor Al Awar (Dubai) and Dr. Mohamed Zairi (UK)
Quality Management Systems in Education & SME

Adam Hamrol
Some thoughts about Problems in Quality Management in Small and Medium Enterprises
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Vera V. Azaryeva, Sergey A. Stepanov, Sergey O. Shaposhnikov
Quality Assurance in Russian Universities in the Context of the Bologna Process
[Full text not available]

Mario Tucci, Luca Cellesi
Quality Management in Administrative Services of the Italian Universities
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Fernando F. Padró
The Spellings Commission Report: An Attempt at Policy Determining Standards of Quality for American Universities
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Parallel Sessions 3E

Session Chairs: Dr. Mitsuo Nagamachi (Japan) and Dr. Lluis Almagru (Spain)
Kansei Engineering 3

Keiko Ishihara, Ryo Nakagawa, Shigekazu Ishiahra, Mitsuo Nagamachi
An E-Commerce Site to Propose Gift Flower Arrangements that Fit Kansei and Social Manners
[Full text not available]

Toshio Tsuchiya
Kansei Analysis for Package Design of Regional Product
[Full text not available]

Cathy Barnes, Tom Childs, Brian Henson, Stephen Lillford
Kansei Engineering Toolkit for the Packaging Industry
[Full text not available]

Louise Manfredi, Brian Henson, Cathy Barnes, Tom Childs
An Affective Engineering Study of Vibrational Cues and Affect When Touching Car Interiors
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Parallel Sessions 4A

Session Chairs: Dr. Stefano Barone and Dr. Enrico Ciavolino (Italy)
Quality Function Deployment; FMEA Speakers / Authors Title

Harry Bouwman, Luuk Simons
Multi Channel QFD
[Full text not available]

Lian-Yin Zhai, Li-Pheng Khoo, Zhao-Wei Zhong
Rough Fuzzy Hybridisation in Quality Function Deployment
[Full text not available]

H.-A. Crostack, I. Hackenbroich, Rorbert Refflinghaus, D. Winter
Investigations into More Exact Weightings of Customer Demands in QFD
[Full text not available]

Stefan Ott, Petra Winzer
Cultivating Knowledge Methodically
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Parallel Sessions 4B

Session Chairs: Dr. Ralf Woll (Germany) and Dr. Bruno Grancelli (Italy)
Quality Management Systems; Diffusion; Problems

Fiorenzo Franceschini, Maurizio Galetto, Luca Mastrogiacomo, Luciano Viticchiè
Diffusion of ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 Certification: An Analysis of Italian Commodity Sectors
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Bozena Poksinska
ISO 9000 is Not An Economic Disease
[Abstract and Fulltext]

George A. Bohoris, Evanthia P. Vorria
Leadership vs Management
[Full text not available]

Mansoor Al Awar
Evolution of Quality Vision
[Full text not available]

Parallel Sessions 4C

Session Chairs: Dr. Juhani Anttila (Finland) and Dr. Walid Zaramdini (Dubai)
Corporate Social Responsibility; Sustainability; Stakeholder Focus

Bo Enquist, Bo Edvardsson, Samuel Petros Sebathu
Corporate Social Responsibility for Charity or for Service Business?
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Juozas Ruzevicius, Dalius Serafinas
Socially Responsible Business: A Study of Lithuanian Organizations
[Full text not available]

Sverker Alänge, John Holmberg, Ulrika Lundqvist
Strategies and Practices for Sustainability
[Full text not available]

Alain Lepage
The Quality of Life Model as Attribute of the Sustainability Concept
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Parallel Sessions 4D

Session Chairs: Dr. Alex Douglas (UK) and Dr. Salvatore La Rosa (Italy)
TQM; Lean Production; & Shared Values in Services

Mattias Elg, Nan Li, Jörgen Eklund
The Diffusion of Lean Production
[Full text not available]

Maria Eriksson, Pernilla Ingelsson, Johan Lilja
Achieving Shared Values
[Full text not available]

Per-Olof Brehmer
Lean Initiative in Logistics Service Providers
[Full text not available]

Klara Palmberg
How Organisations can Apply Lean Principles on Service Production
[Full text not available]

Parallel Sessions 4E

Session Chairs: Dr. Shigekazu Ishihara (Japan) and Dr. Cathy Barnes (UK)
Kansei Engineering 4

Toshio Sakata, Shigeki Watanuki, Hiroyasu Sakamoto, Toshio Sumi, Yeon-Kyu Kim
Objective Evaluation of Kansei by a Complementary Use of Physiological Indexes; Brain Wave and Facial Expressions for User Oriented Designs
[Full text not available]

Murayma Genki, Kato Shohei, Itoh Hidenori, Tsutomu Kunitchi
An EEG-and-HRV-Based Approach to Relationships between Pulse and Musical Tempo; and Effect on Relaxation
[Full text not available]

Shyan-Bin Chou
A Method for Evaluating Creativity in Linkography
[Full text not available]

Luis Almagro, Irene Subirats, Xavier Tort-Martorell Llabrés
Methods for Linking the Semantic Space and the Space of Properties in Kansei Engineering
[Full text not available]

Rilda Schütte, Simon Schütte
Affective Impact of Warning-Signs A Study Utilizing Kansei Engineering Methodology
[Full text not available]

Wednesday June 20

Parallel Sessions 3a

Session Chairs: Dr. Sverker Alänge and Dr. Sari Scheinberg (Sweden)

Klaus J. Zink
From Total Quality Management to Corporate Sustainabilitymbased on a Stakeholder Management
[Full text not available]

Bengt Klefsjö, Bjarne Bergquist, Rickard Garvare
Quality Management and Business Excellence; Customers and Stakeholders
[Full text not available]

Parallel Sessions 3b

Session Chair: Dr. Claudio Baccarani (Italy)

Verner C. Petersen
Through the Distorting Looking Glass of Modern Management Theory
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Ron S. Kenett
On Creating Meaningful Engagements in Statistical Consulting
[Full text not available]

Parallel Sessions 5A

Session Chairs: Dr. Petra Winzer (Germany) and Dr. Vouzas Fotis (Greece)
Quality Costs; Customer Value; Continuous Improvements

Amalia Vanacore
QIC Analysis
[Full text not available]

Djoko Setijono
Customer Value
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Ínci Şentarh
Quality Cost Modeling Process for Production Systems
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Ínci Şentarh, Adnan Erdursun, Deha Çaman
Development of a Database Management System Design Involving Quality Costs
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Parallel Sessions 5B

Session Chair: Dr. Ron S. Kenett (Israel) and Jaw-sin Su (Taiwan)
Design of Experiments; Robust Design

Erik Vanhatalo, Kerstin Vännman, Gunilla Hyllander
A Designed Experiment in a Continuous Process
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Shu Yamada
Quality Management in Digital Engineering
[Full text not available]

Antonio Lanzotti, Amalia Vanacore
Robust Ergonomic Design of a Video Display Terminal Work Station in Virtual Environment
[Full text not available]

Antonio Lanzotti, Amalia Vanacore
An efficient and easy discretizing method for the treatment of noise factors in Robust Design
[Full text not available]

Parallel Sessions 5C

Session Chairs: Dr. Xavier Tort-Martorell (Spain) and Dr. Adam Hamrol (Poland)
Leadership; Quality Management; Strategy; Crisis Communication; Conflict Solving

Ingela Bäckström, Pernilla Ingelsson, Håkan Wiklund
Learning from Chaos
[Full text not available]

Maurice Bäsler, Alexandra Rese, Ralf Woll, Marit Eckert
Designing Group Experiments to Analyse the Effectiveness of Marketing and Quality Management Methods for Conflict Solving
[Full text not available]

Jesper Falkheimer, Mats Heide
Crisis Communication
[Full text not available]

Sverker Alänge, Annika Steiber
Diffusion of Quality Management
[Full text not available]

Parallel Sessions 5D

Special Ph.D candidates session
Organiser and Chair: Loukas N. Anninos (Greece)
Co-Chair: Dr. Håkan Wiklund (Sweden)

Quality in Higher Education – International Cases

Loukas N. Anninos
The Archetype of Excellence in Universities and TQM
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Cleopatra Deliou
Quality Standards and Reputation in HE
[Full text not available]

Petros K. Dounos, George A. Bohoris
Exploring the Interconnection of Known TQM Process Improvement Initiatives in Higher Education with Key CMMI Concepts
[Full text not available]

Konstantinos Giziakis, Chrysa Agapitou
Enhancing Quality in Higher Education: The case of the University of Piraeus Careers Office- Entrepreneurship Service
[Full text not available]

Loukas N. Anninos
University Performance Evaluation Approaches
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Parallel Sessions 5D

Special Ph.D candidates session
Organiser and Chair: Loukas N. Anninos (Greece)
Co-Chair: Dr. Håkan Wiklund (Sweden)

Quality in Higher Education – International Cases

Per Kristav, Lena Sperling, Anders Warell
Towards An Internet Based Visual Tool for Communication with Consumers in Early Phases of Product Development Process
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Parallel Sessions 5E

Session Chairs: Dr. Shinya Nagasawa (Japan) and Dr. James Longstaff (UK)
Kansei Engineering 5

Eiichi Endo, Teruko Ohba, Masayuki Kumagai, Mie Sato, Masao Kasuga
A Proposal of Support System for Product Development in Pickles on Kansei Engineering
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Mirja Kälviäinen
User Experience Capturing through Make Do Innovation Sessions
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Andreas Nordgren, Hideki Aoyama
Mesh-Based 3D-Design Spaces for Complex Shapes in Kansei Engineering
[Full text not available]

Parallel Sessions 6A

Session Chairs: Dr. Shu Yamada (Japan) and Dr. Bozena Poksinska (Sweden)
VPE; Lean Six Sigma Design; Quality Capability

Anders Warell
Visual Experience of Brand-Specific Automobile Design
[Full text not available]

Young H. Park, Choon B. Yoo
A Study of Creative Value Design based on Lean DFSS
[Full text not available]

Jean-Baptiste Fouquet, Ida Gremyr
Design for Six Sigma and Lean Product Development
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Sebastian Schlund, Stefan Ott, Petra Winzer
Method Integration to enhance the Quality Capability of the Product Development Process
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Parallel Sessions 6B

Session Chairs: Dr. Antonio Lanzotti and Dr. Amalia Vanacore (Italy)
Control Charts; Game Theory; Regression Model; Organisational Change

Darja Noskievičová
Control Chart Limits Setting when Data are Auto-Correlated
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Adam Hamrol, Agnieszka Kujawinska
New Method of Control Charts Analysis
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Jaw-Sin Su, Juei-Yang Su
Apply Grid in Design to Bayes’ Procedure of Game Theory
[Full text not available]

Debora D’Avino, Pasquale Erto
A Piecewise Regression Model for Identifying the Strategic Inflection Point for Organizational Change
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Parallel Sessions 6C

Session Chairs: Dr. Alain Lepage (France) and Dr. Fernando Padro (US)
Quality in Higher Education; Libraries

Stefano Barone, Eva Lo Franco
Teaching Experiments and Student Feedback
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Salvatore La Rosa, Eva Lo Franco
Quality Education in Italian Universities
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Milan Hutyra
The Way from Quality Management System to Excellence at the University Environment
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Anette Hallberg
Prerequisites for Quality Improvements in the Library
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Parallel Sessions 6D

Session Chairs: Dr. Bo Enquist (Sweden) and Dr. Nelson Antonio (Portugal)
Quality Consulting; Teamwork and Knowledge Management

Juozas Ruzevicius, Dalius Serafina
The Study of Quality Consulting Business Peculiarities in Lithuania
[Full text not available]

Fumiyoshi Miyashita, Miku Katsuda, Tsutomu Izui
Effect of Face to Face Type Information Sharing and Motivation of an Employee on an Organizational Effectiveness
[Full text not available]

Manuel F. Suárez-Barraza, Tony Lingham
Kaizen within Kaizen Teams: Continuous and Process Improvements in a Spanish Municipality
[Full text not available]

Beata Starzynska
Knowledge Conversion in Teamwork with usage of Quality Tools
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Parallel Sessions 6E

Session Chairs: Dr. Tatsuo Nishino (Japan) & Dr. Simon Schútte; (Sweden)
Kansei Engineering 6

M. L. Anitawati, M. N. Nor Laila, M. Nagamuchi
Kansei Engineering: A study on Perception of Online Clothing Websites
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Parul Nanda, Jeff Bos, Kem-Laurin Kramer, Catharine Hay, Jennifer Ignacz
Effect of SmartPhone Aesthetic Design on Users’ Emotional Reaction: An Empirical Study
[Full text not available]

Xiaojuan Chen, Brian Henson, Cathy Barnes, Tom Childs
A Factorial Design Experiment in Affective Combination of Visual and Tactile Stimuli in the Context of Keypads
[Abstract and Fulltext]

James Longstaff, Alison McKay, Tom Childs, Rachid Gamal
Design for Affect: A Case Study in the Design for Confectionery Packaging
[Full text not available]

Plenary Session 4

Session Chair: Dr. Young H. Park (Korea)

Bo Edvardsson, Bo Enquist, Robert Johnston
Creating and Test-driving Service Experiences Prior to Purchase and Consumption
[Full text not available]

Nagasawa Shin’ya
Customer Experience Management Influencing on Human Kansei to MOT
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Special Kansei Engineering Session

Session Chair: Dr. Mitsuo Nagamachi (Japan)

Mitsuo Nagamachi, Tatsuo Nishino, Hiroyasu Okuo, Kouichi Ito, Takashi Itami
An Application of Kansei Engineering and Rough set Model to Designing a Comprehensive Ball Pen
[Full text not available]

Mitsuo Nagamachi, Ryoichi Satsuta, Mika Uematsu, Shigeru Sugihara
Design of a Car Floor Carpet Using Kansei Engineering Approach
[Full text not available]

Keiko Ishihara, Miho Harada, Shigekazu Ishiahra
Kansei to Movement of Autonomous Robots
[Full text not available]

Shigekazu Ishihara, Mitsuo Nagamachi, Keiko Ishihara
Analyzing Kansei and Design Elements Relations with PLS
[Full text not available]

Shigekazu Ishihara, Keiko Ishihara
Morphometrics and Kansei Engineering
[Full text not available]

Kansei Engineering: Closing Plenary Session

Donald K. Gates, Peter Steane
Historical Origins and Development of Economic Rationalism
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Series:Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings
ISSN (print):1650-3686
ISSN (online):1650-3740
Publisher:Linköping University Electronic Press; Linköpings universitet

Su mi Dahlgaard-Park, Jens J. Dahlgaard (2007). 10th QMOD Conference. Quality Management and Organiqatinal Development. Our Dreams of Excellence; 18-20 June; 2007 in Helsingborg; Sweden http://www.ep.liu.se/ecp_home/index.en.aspx?issue=026 (2/13/2016)